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Cayla McBee


Photo of faculty memberAssociate Professor

Contact Information:
Howley Hall 211


Ph.D. - Colorado State University

Area(s) of Expertise:

Combinatorial Phylogenetics (especially inference of phylogenetic relationships from molecular data using models of evolutionary change), Combinatorial Optimization, Graph Theory

Awards and Honors:

2016 Collaborative Research Experience for Undergraduates Student Research Stipends - CRA-W and Coalition to Diversify Computing, Funded by the NSF
Summer Scholar Award 2014 - School of Arts and Sciences, Providence College
TURMS travel grant 2012 - Mathematical Association of America
Project NExT Fellow 2011 - Mathematical Association of America
IGERT Fellow 2005 - 2007 - NSF IGERT project PRIMES at Colorado State University

Selected Publications:

Berliner, A., Dean, N., Hook, J., Marr, A., Mbirika, A., McBee, Cayla. (2016). Coprime and prime labelings of graphs. Journal of Integer Sequences 19 (16.5.8), 14 pp.

McBee, Cayla ., Penttila, Tim. (2016). Remarks on Hadamard conjugation and combinatorial phylogenetics. Australasian Journal of Combinatorics66 (2), 177-191.

McBee, Cayla., Vasilevska, Violeta. (2014). Beginning an undergraduate research program . Involve: a journal of mathematics7 (3), 395-401.

McBee, Cayla. (2012). Generalizing Fourier calculus on evolutionary trees to splits networks.

Berliner, Adam ., Dean, Nathaniel., Hook, Jonelle ., Marr, Alison., Mbirika, Aba., McBee, Cayla. (2012). Sequence A213273.

Ames, G ., George, D., Hampson, C., Kanarek, A., McBee, Cayla., Lockwood, D., Achter, J., Webb, A. (2011). Using network properties to predict disease dynamics on human contact networks. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences278 (1724), 3544-3550.

Recent Presentations:

McBee, Cayla., Joint Mathematics Meetings, Mathematical Association of America, Atlanta, GA, "A Candy Exchange, Legos and a brand new Car!". January, 2017.

McBee, Cayla., Joint Mathematics Meetings, American Mathematical Society, Atlanta, GA, "Prime Labelings of Hypercube Graphs". January, 2017.

McBee, Cayla., Mathematics & CS Department Colloquium, Providence College, Providence, RI, "Lions and Tigers and Graph Colorings, Oh my!". October, 2015.

McBee, Cayla ., Summer Scholars Presentation, Providence College, "Is it Prime?". February, 2015.

McBee, Cayla., Joint Mathematics Meetings, American Mathematical Society, San Antonio, TX, "Prime Graph Labelings". January, 2015.

McBee, Cayla., MAA MathFest, Mathematical Association of America, Portlant, OR, "Prime Labelings of Graphs". August, 2014.

McBee, Cayla., Joint Mathematics Meetings, Mathematical Association of America , San Diego, CA, "Engaging Calculus Students with Tactile Learning Activities". January, 2013.

McBee, Cayla., International Symposium on Pervasive Systems, Algorithms and Networks, San Marcos, TX, "Generalizing Fourier Calculus on Evolutionary Trees to Splits Networks". December, 2012.

McBee , Cayla ., Mathematics and Computer Science Colloquium, Providence College, "Ecological Modeling with Graph Theory". November, 2011.

McBee , Cayla ., Wheaton College, Norton, MA, "Using mathematics to determine evolutionary relationships". April, 2011.

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