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The Seal, Logo and Visual Marks

​​​​​​​​​​​The Providence College brand incorporates one logo and several visual marks, each of which serves a distinct purpose.​

Here’s a quick reference as to how, when, and where to use them. 

The Providence College seal

This is the College’s official seal, and it is generally intended for use in formal documents, including diplomas, certificates, transcripts, College awards, and official correspondence. It is also sometimes associated with representations of the president’s office. For questions about appropriate use of the seal, please contact the Division of Marketing and Communications at or 401.865.1242.

​The Providence College logo

This is the preferred logo to be used in all internal and external marketing materials, stationery, and signage. The words “Providence College,” in a typeface called Trajan, are offset to the right of the torch or centered beneath it. ​

Athletics logos

The official Friar logo, Friar head, skating Friar, and shield should only be used with permission of the Department of Athletics.​​


Icons are the graphic equivalent of punctuation marks. The College logo’s torch element and the Dominican shield may be used as design elements or as signature marks. Icons can be placed in the cut corners of borders or offset by horizontal lines as shown.

Borders and lines

Borders and double lines can be used to provide a visual anchor. Corners of borders should be cut, creating a space for icons or page numbers.