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Help yourself at the Phillips Memorial Library

​Be sure to have the following to get started using resources and tools of the library.

  1. Activate ID:
    You can either call the library 401-865-1993 or come to the circulation desk with your banner number and ID to create a record at the library. This will allow you to borrow books from all libraries in the Helin Consortium, use the library laptops or iPads, request books to be delivered to the Phillips Memorial Library, access electronic reserves, borrow ebooks, or request interlibrary loans for those more detailed research projects. You may also be able to borrow a textbook from the Rapoza Collection.
  2. Sign technology form (computers and iPads):
    You need to come to the library in person with your PC ID and fill out a single form to be able to sign out any of the technology we have available; laptops (Mac and PC), iPads, calculators, and chargers. You may need to renew this form every year. You will not be able to do this online or over the phone.
  3. Login info for computers in labs:
    Enrollment services will send all students a letter with a user name and password. For SCE and Graduate students we can provide extra assistance after hours if you need to figure out your user name or reset your password.
  4. Printing:
    All undergraduates will be set up with a PC ​Prints account for printing. When you run out of money you can add PC Cash (not FriarBucks) to your card with a credit card or on any of the machines on campus. The machine at the library accepts only one dollar at a time. SCE and Graduate students will need to purchase a “guest card” for printing.
  5. Download Adobe Digital Editions for eBooks
    If you have any questions regarding how to get to and/or use our expanding eBook collection, please go to our eBooks page.