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Julia Tryon


Photo of faculty memberAssistant Professor

Contact Information:
Phillips Memorial Library 109


M.L.S. - University of Rhode Island

Selected Publications:

Recent Presentations:

Tryon, Julia., Northeast Popular/American Culture Association Annual Conference, Northeast Popular/American Culture Association, Keene State College, Keene NH, "Digging up the past: using articles in early 20th-century magazines archived in the Rosarium Project to uncover daily life through the lens of growing roses,". October, 2016.

Tryon, Julia., Popular Culture/American Culture Association Annual Conference 2016, Popular Culture/American Culture Association, Seattle, WA, "Paper: Growing Rosarium: Creating a Repository of Popular and Scientific Writing on Roses using the Text Encoding Initiative". March, 2016.

Tryon, Julia., Computers in Libraries 2016, Information Today, Washington, D.C., "Not your usual content: The Rosarium Project. An online collection of materials on the Rose using the Text Encoding Initiative and <oXygen/>.". March, 2016.

Tryon, Julia., Northeast Popular Culture/American Culture Association Annual Conference, Northeast Popular Culture/American Culture Association, Colby-Sawyer College, New London, NH, "Poster: Growing Pains-from standard bibliography to dynamic web-accessible resource, creating a repository of popular and scientific writing on roses using TEI.". October, 2015.

Tryon, Julia., NERCOMP (NorthEast Regional Computing Program), Providence, RI, "Paper: The 2020+ Project: Using WordPress to Organize, Evaluate, and Discuss the College of the Future". March, 2012.

Tryon, Julia., Nicholls, Paul., Hurley, Gerry., CD-ROM Expo '94, Boston, MA, "The Art of Searching". October, 1994.

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