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Julia Tryon


Photo of faculty memberAssistant Professor

Contact Information:
Phillips Memorial Library 109


M.L.S. - University of Rhode Island

Selected Publications:

Tryon, Julia. (2017). The Rosarium Project: a case of merging traditional reference librarian skills with digital humanities technology. College & Undergraduate Libraries24 (2), 18. Taylor & Francis.

Tryon, Julia. (2016). The Rosarium Project: building a digital collection on the genus Rosa using <oXygen/> and the TEI. Digital Library Perspectives32 (3), 209-222. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Recent Presentations:

Tryon, Julia., PCA/ACA 2017, Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association, San Diego. CA, "Who are the rosarians? Identifying the members of the rose growing culture through early twentieth century popular writing curated in the Rosarium Project.". April, 2017.

Tryon, Julia., ACRL 2017, Association of College and Research Libraries, Baltimore. MD, "Rosarium: a text encoding project curating popular writing on roses online.". March, 2017.

Tryon, Julia., Northeast Popular/American Culture Association Annual Conference, Northeast Popular/American Culture Association, Keene State College, Keene NH, "Digging up the past: using articles in early 20th-century magazines archived in the Rosarium Project to uncover daily life through the lens of growing roses,". October, 2016.

Tryon, Julia., Popular Culture/American Culture Association Annual Conference 2016, Popular Culture/American Culture Association, Seattle, WA, "Paper: Growing Rosarium: Creating a Repository of Popular and Scientific Writing on Roses using the Text Encoding Initiative". March, 2016.

Tryon, Julia., Computers in Libraries 2016, Information Today, Washington, D.C., "Not your usual content: The Rosarium Project. An online collection of materials on the Rose using the Text Encoding Initiative and <oXygen/>.". March, 2016.

Tryon, Julia., Northeast Popular Culture/American Culture Association Annual Conference, Northeast Popular Culture/American Culture Association, Colby-Sawyer College, New London, NH, "Poster: Growing Pains-from standard bibliography to dynamic web-accessible resource, creating a repository of popular and scientific writing on roses using TEI.". October, 2015.

Tryon, Julia., NERCOMP (NorthEast Regional Computing Program), Providence, RI, "Paper: The 2020+ Project: Using WordPress to Organize, Evaluate, and Discuss the College of the Future". March, 2012.

Tryon, Julia., Nicholls, Paul., Hurley, Gerry., CD-ROM Expo '94, Boston, MA, "The Art of Searching". October, 1994.

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