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Frequently Asked Questions


Semester and Academic Year Study Abroad FAQ

​​​​​​The Basics

What is the role of the Center for International Studies?

When can I study abroad?

Are there any majors that won’t allow me to study abroad?

Where can I study abroad?

Do I have to be fluent in a foreign language to study abroad?

What is a study abroad program provider and what do they do?

Do I need a passport to study abroad?

Do I need a visa to study abroad?

Will my cell phone work abroad?

What is my status at PC when I study abroad?

Can't I just take a leave of absence and get transfer credit when I come back from studying abroad?

How can I meet with a study abroad advisor?


What is the application process?

When do I apply for PC approval to study abroad?

Can I submit an application for PC approval if I do not currently meet the GPA requirement?

How many programs may I select?

What if I change my mind about where I want to go?

Does applying for study abroad commit me to participating?

What is the application fee?

When do I apply for acceptance into my program?

How do I request my PC transcript?

To whom should I send the home school nomination or approval form that is part of my program application?


What does study abroad cost?

Do I need to pay the program deposit?

Does my financial aid go with me?

What about tuition exchange students?​

Are there any scholarship options for study abroad?

How expensive is it to live in my host country?

How will I access my money while abroad?


What types of courses can I take when I study abroad?

How do I choose my study abroad courses? When will I know if my courses will count at PC?

What if I can’t obtain a syllabus before I arrive abroad or I choose a new course that is not approved yet?

How many classes will I take on my program?

Will I receive credit for the courses I take abroad?

What happens if I take a repeat class?

Will my study abroad grades be factored into my GPA?

What is the Pass/Fail policy?

Can I purchase my textbooks abroad? What about school supplies?

How do I register for my PC courses while I am abroad?

How long does it take for my study abroad courses to be posted to Cyberfriar?


I will be spending one semester abroad. What are my PC housing options during the semester I will be on campus?

Where will I live when I study abroad?

Will living with a host family restrict my freedom?

Are meals included in my housing?

How will I do laundry?

Do I need to bring cooking supplies, linens, and towels?

Will I have internet access?

Health and Safety

What if I get sick while I am abroad?

Will I be safe