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Santander Universities Scholarships

​​​​​​​​​​​​​At Providence College, Santander Universities supports undergraduate student opportunities for international study and service through diversity scholarships and service-learning grants. The diversity scholarships are offered for under-represented students in study abroad, including but not limited to students from under-represented racial or ethnic groups, first-generation college students, and students with physical or learning disabilities. The global service-learning grants are available to individuals and College-sponsored groups who are participating in the increasing and varied number of service opportunities abroad. Eligible students may receive up to $2,500 for short-term programs, up to $5,000 for semester programs, and up to $8,000 for academic year programs. Santander Universities and Providence College are currently in year six of a ten-year partnership, following a seven-year agreement extension in 2013. Since 2010, Santander awards have helped more than 350 Providence College students study or perform service in 32 different countries.

​In addition to academic support, Santander is the official sports sponsor of Providence College’s athletic program. This marks the first time Santander has entered into a college sports sponsorship in the United States.​​

Santander Experiences

Kara Komprathoum '16

While in South Africa, I was able to experience how a country that has gone through one of the worst social experiments in history could recover and reconcile. I was also able to witness the type of country Nelson Mandela envisioned and planned for South Africa while imprisoned for over 20 years. I feel extremely grateful and blessed that I had the opportunity to go to a country that is both amazing in history and beautiful in landscape. With my time abroad, I only hope that more students get the opportunity to have new experiences that broaden their horizons beyond what they have been used to their whole lives.

tannerh.jpgTanner Henry ’15

I would like to express my thanks for your incredible support last semester. Even after seven months have passed, I still regret not meeting you in person to show how much your gift means to me. I hope to thank you all face to face one day. I hope these few paragraphs show how much your help has affected my experience in England. Once again, thank you so much for your support.  I hope in some way, no matter how small, my experience has helped encourage you to help other students planning to explore the world.



Jermoh Vainga Kamara ’15

jermohi.jpgI want thank Santander, the Center for International Studies, and the Alliance for Global Education for monetarily providing me the funds to help pay for my trip to India. My experience has become pictures and memories, but I am so grateful for this opportunity that Providence College offers its students.

As I prepare for my last year at PC, what I’ve learned and how I felt discovering new things will add on to new experiences as I close one chapter and open another.



​Service-Learning: Justice Across Borders

mexicotrip.jpgThe connection between the increase in knowledge we all have experienced as a result of the class and the increased concern and personal stake in these issues as a result of our trip is inspiring. We better understand our role as global citizens and our relationship to others in the world because of the impact of the trip, reinforced by the structure of the class. The more that we have learned about the troubles faced by the people of Tijuana, the more we care about our service work. Although the trip existed prior to the creation of the class, those who have experienced both agreed that this year’s experience was enhanced as a result of the addition to the class. The newly acquired information gained from the class better prepared everyone to make connections with the people that we labored alongside on the worksite. Through this we understand how important it is to integrate education with service.

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​​Adrian Beaulieu“The Santander Universities grant to Providence College has been successful in ways that advance several of the strategic initiatives of the College: first, in assisting more underrepresented students to have an education abroad experience as part of the undergraduate academic curriculun and, secondly, in promoting international engaged and service learning opportunities for students, such as in Nicaragua and Mexico. We are immensely grateful to Santander for making all this possible.”   

Adrian Beaulieu
Dean of International Studies​​​

 Thank You, Santander

 Where We've Been​

Funding from Santander Universities has supported Providence College student international experiences in the following countries:

Lake DistrictArgentina
Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
South Africa
United Kingdom​​​