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Who Are the Global Ambassadors?

​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Global Ambassador Program is a volunteer opportunity through the Center for International Studies aimed at engaging Providence College returned undergraduate study abroad students to promote studying abroad on and throughout campus. Global Ambassadors represent a diverse set of academic programs and study abroad experiences in order to reflect the various types of semester and yearlong international opportunities. Throughout the school year, global ambassadors aid with many events put on by the Center for International Studies including, but not limited to: the Study Abroad Fair, Table Talks all around campus, Pre-Departure Orientation and more. They are a great resource for prospective study abroad students who may have inquiries.

The 2017-18 Global Ambassadors

Hannah Albright_opt (1).jpg​​Hannah Albright 

​Email: ​ 

Hannah is an English major with French and Evolutionary Biology double minors. She studied in London, England at Queen Mary University, through IFSA-Butler. She lived in East London and was able to visit Bath, England and Paris, France while abroad. Hannah says her favorite thing about being abroad was being in London itself. "It's such an amazing city, full of history and museums. However, it's also very modern, with thousands of immigrants from all around the world, giving it a variety of cultures, languages, restaurants, and people. I loved living there, and I hope to go back to study there in the future!​"

Alexis Armfield_opt.jpg Alexis Armfield​ 


Alexis is a Social Work major who studied abroad through SIT's International Honors Program. The program was Cities in the 21st Century: People, Planning, and Politics. Through this program, Alexis spent one month in three different countries, India, Brazil, and Senegal. One of her favorite places she visited was an island off of the coast of Brazil called Ilhabela because it was a beautiful place to spend time. Another favorite of hers was the House of Slaves Museum on Goré​​e Island off of Senegal, because the island still holds the legacy of slavery and it taught her so much about the Atlantic Slave Trade. "Studying abroad was both challenging and rewarding, I would do it all over again in a second.​"​

Anna Brown_opt.jpg Anna Brown 


Anna is a Marketing major who studied abroad through Boston University's London Internship program. While abroad, Anna was able to visit Switzerland, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Scotland, Spain, Ireland, Monaco, Germany and Italy. She also was able to do the Maymester in Japan program, which lasted about two weeks and took them to many different cities!

Danielle Daouphars_opt.jpg

Danielle Daouphars


Danielle is a Business Management major and a Finance minor. She studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark through D.I.S. She was able to visit many countries, including Spain, Iceland, Poland, Czech Republic, and Croatia!

Genevieve Karanian_opt (1).jpgGenevieve Karanian


Genevieve is an Elementary and Special Education major who studied abroad through Fairfield University in Florence, Italy. She tried to travel almost every weekend while she was abroad, and ended up visiting Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Spain, Greece, Norway, England, Hungary, and Austria! "It's amazing how many new languages and cultures are just a bus, train, or short flight away from you while you're abroad."

Madeline Klimm_opt (1).jpgMadeline Klimm


Madeline is a Marketing and Spanish double major. She studied abroad in Seville, Spain through CIEE with their Business and Society program. She was able to visit England, Italy, Netherlands, Morocco, France, and Portugal while abroad. She also was able to visit many beautiful cities around Spain!

Patrick Laske_opt.jpgPatrick Laske


Patrick is a Marketing major who studied abroad in Australia with Arcadia University. While abroad in Australia, Patrick was able to visit the whole east coast and southern region of Australia, as well as places in Thailand. While abroad, Patrick​​ was able to explore his love of videography and photography!

Hailey Lovett_opt.jpgHailey Lovett


Hailey is a Business Management major who studied abroad at the University of Edinburgh in Edinburgh, Scotland through IFSA-Butler. While abroad, she spent many weekends traveling all around Scotland and England, and she also visited Ireland and Germany. One of the things she will miss the most about studying abroad is walking along the historical streets of Edinburgh, also the haggis wasn't so bad either! ​One of her favorite things to do while abroad was to travel around Scotland to see some of the amazing castles and beautiful landscapes​​​! "Scotland has so much to offer to everyone, it is absolutely the most beautiful place in the world! Studying abroad can be one of the most challenging but rewarding times in your life! It was a life changing experience, and I would give anything to be able to go back and do it again!"​

Taryn Marquis_opt.jpg Taryn Marquis


Taryn is a Biology major who is also studying for the Neuroscience Certificate. She spent her semester abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark through D.I.S. While abroad she was able​ to visit Mons Klint in Borre, England, France, Hungary, Italy, Austria, Ireland, Spain, and Germany. Her core program at DIS was Medical Practice and Policy, and her classes for that were taught at a hospital by actual doctors! She biked there twice a week for classes! 

Lauren McNerney_opt.jpgLauren McNerney


Lauren is a Finance major and studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain with the CIEE Business and Culture program. Some of the places she was able to visit are: Morocco, Portugal, and Czech Republic!

Eric Mojica_opt.jpgEric Mojica


​Eric is a double major in Accounting and Finance. He studied abroad at the University College of Dublin in Dublin, Ireland through IFSA-Butler. ​Eric was able to visit a lot of places in Europe, including: France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Belgium. While studying abroad, Eric was also able to be closer to his favorite soccer team, ManU!

​​ Abigail Moshier_opt.jpg Abigail Moshier


Abigail is a Health Policy and Management major who is also completing the Business Studies Certificate. She studied abroad last fall in Dublin through the Boston University Internship Program. While she was abroad, she was able to travel all over Ireland, as well as go to Northern Ireland, Germany, Switzerland (where she was able to go skydiving in the Swiss Alps!), France, Italy, Norway, Greece, England, and Spain. Providence College​ has a strong in​fluence in her family, as she is the 8th of her cousins to attend PC!

Kendall O'Neill_opt.jpgKendall O'Neill


​Kendall is an Accounting major who studied abroad in Paris, France through the ​​IES Business and International Affairs program. While abroad she visited England and Switzerland, while also spending many weekends traveling to other French cities and castles! Going to Geneva, Switzerland was one of Kendall's favorite moments from abroad as she was able to tour The United Nations building, and learn exactly what they do and how they do it. Seeing the history and architecture of the city was amazing, and the food was really good too! While she loved Geneva, Paris was still her favorite city abroad, and she hopes to get the chance to go back soon. 

Emma O'Rourke_opt (2).jpgEmma O'Rourke

Email: eorourk3@friars.

Emma is a Global Studies and French double major who is also completing the Business Certificate degree. She was lucky enough to spend the full year studying abroad, first in Marseille, France with AUCP and then in Paris, France with the IES Business and International Affairs Program. Some of her favorite places she visited on the weekends were the Czech Republic, Austria, and Spain. Her most culturally eye-opening experience was the week she spend with a host family in Fez, Morocco! While there, she traveled to a more southern part of Morocco, and she rode a camel out into the middle of the Sahara Desert where she spent the night at a Berber Camp! 

Alexander Pollan_opt.jpgAlexander Pollan


Alexander is a Political​ Science and Global Studies double major, with Arabic Language and Philosophy double minors. He studied abroad in Amman, Jordan for the whole year, completing CIEE's programs Language and Culture, and Diplomacy and Policy Studies. During his time abroad, he was able to visit Oman, Lebanon, France, Spain, England, Scotland, Egypt, Netherlands, Turkey, Palestine, Israel, UAE, and Sri Lanka! While he was abroad, Alexander camped in the Wadi Rum Desert, which is famous for being the filming location​ of classic films such as Lawrence of Arabia, Prometheus, Transformers, and The Martian. 

Gabriella Reimer_opt (1).jpgGabriella Reimer


 ​​​​Gabriella is a Political Science and Global Studies double major with a minor in Spanish. She studied abroad for a full year at the London School of Economics in London, England through Arcadia University. During her year abroad, she traveled through most of Scandinavia, including Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and the Netherlands. She also had the chance to visit France, Estonia, and Jordan. During her first month in the UK, Gabriella met the Queen of England and attended a private church service with her! "She actually drives herself in a green jaguar station wagon, which I thought was hilarious​!"

Caitlin Steinbeck_opt.jpg ​Caitlin Steinbeck 


Caitlin is a Biology major who is planning on applying to dental school. She studied abroad through the Organization for Tropical Studies in South Africa, this past spring. She then studied abroad in Ecuador through Gonzaga University for a summer term. Both of the programs she completed traveled to many different places, meaning she got the chance to visit and get a feel for a large portion of each country. "I never thought that I would have time in my undergraduate schedule to study abroad, which makes me even more thankful that I found study abroad opportunities that worked well for me."

Benjamin Tyler_opt.jpg

Benjamin Tyler


Ben is a Political Science major who is also completing the Business Studies program minor. He studied abroad in Dublin, Ireland​ with Arcadia University  with their ​Dublin Parliamentary Internship program​. He was fortunate enough to be able to travel a lot during his time abroad, visiting Northern Ireland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, England, France, Italy, and Germany!

Alyson Winter_opt.jpg ​Alyson Winter


​Alyson is a Health Policy and Management major with a Spanish minor. She studied abroad through SIT's International Honors Program which​ took her through Washing​ton D.C., Hanoi, Vietnam, Cape Town, South Africa, and Bue​nos Aires, Argentina. After her program ended, Alyson was able to travel to Peru where she did the four day Inca Trail to ​Machu Picchu!