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Faculty-Led Maymester/Course Imbedded Programs 2018


EPS 450 Community-Based Student Internship (3 credits)

Professor Stephen Mecca (EPS)

The Providence in Ghana CBSI is a Community-Based Student Internship that includes a three- to four-week experience in Ghana living in and working on meaningful problems in water, sanitation, hygiene and education in a rural community. The projects are efforts connected to the work of the Global Sustainable Aid Project and the S-Lab at Providence College.       

Program Dates: TBD
Program Cost: TBD 
Application Deadline: TBD


GST 371 Social Infrastructures in South Africa (4 credits)

Professor Nick Longo (PSP) & Magali Garcia-Pletsch (Feinstein Institute Staff)

This program focuses on the study and practice of community engagement in Cape Town.  Students will participate in a course alongside UCT students, studying social infrastructures and community engagement.  Students will get a chance to think about the complexity of the social dynamics of development, and build their competencies to engage citizens in meaningful ways as professionals. 

Program Dates: TBD
Program Cost: TBD 
Application Deadline: TBD


HIS 481 Spain: History, Belief, Violence, and Coexistence of the Three Great Monotheistic Religions (3 credits)

Professor Karen Holland (HIS) & Fr. David Orique (HIS)​

This program explores the unique interaction in Spain among the three great monotheistic religions - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, especially in central and in southern Iberia.   Both the land of Cervantes' Don Quixote and the terrain of Reconquista offer the opportunity to examine the rich cultural intersection of religious dialogue, literary creativity, philosophical inquiry, artistic innovation and architectural inspiration as well as linguistic and ethnic mixing that resulted from the long and conflicted interface of these three faiths. 

Program Dates: May 21-June 6, 2018
Program Cost: Estimate $5,000
Application Deadline: November 28, 2017

Application: Maymester HIS 481 - Application.pdf