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Ben Cabana ’10

​​​​​​ Ben CabanaMajor: Political Science and Global Studies, with a minor in French

Where did you study abroad and for how long?​

I studied abroad in Paris for five months in the Fall of 2008.

Why did you choose this country/program?  

My family is French-Canadian, and I wanted to improve my French skills in college. I chose Paris because of its status as the capital of the francophone world. The program that I selected gave me the opportunity to improve my French language skills and also to study topics associated with my other major fields of study. The perks of Parisian life didn't hurt. 

Favorite class while there?

I took a seminar on Muslim Presence in Europe. It investigated the history of Muslim immigration to Europe, as well as the difficulties that they faced in assimilating to European life and integrating in European politics. 

Favorite outside-the-class experience?

Another picture of Ben CabanaJust walking through the streets of Paris until we got lost. And, finding the one bar in Paris where I could watch the Patriots game every Sunday for a little taste of home. 

What did the opportunity to study abroad mean to you as a Providence College student?

Studying abroad had several great benefits. First, I had the opportunity to travel across Europe and see some amazing things. Secondly, being thousands of miles from my friends and family gave me my first true sense of independence and provided a valuable experience in life. By studying in a francophone city, my French language skills increased more in five months than they did in years of classroom study. Finally, and most importantly, I was able to experience life in a culture other than my own. The ability to acclimate and assimilate to a new country and culture was extremely rewarding. Studying abroad was not just one of the most fun experiences of my life, but it was also one of my life's best learning experiences.