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PC Students Studying Abroad

​​​​​​​​​​​​Frequently Asked Questions about the University of Birmingham

  1. What's the difference between studying at the University of Birmingham through an exchange versus studying abroad at another UK institution through a program provider?
    Studying abroad on an exchange program is very similar to studying abroad on provider-based university program.  Both offer excellent academics, cultural immersion, and learning opportunities.  However, studying abroad on an exchange program requires a higher level of independence, as there is no North American office with which to liaise prior to departure.  Exchanges are a good fit for students who possess a high level of initiative and independence, and who seek a truly immersive experience.

  2. What courses can I take at the University of Birmingham?
    The University of Birmingham is a highly ranked academic institution, and part of the Russell Group, which is similar to the Ivy League in the United States.  The university offers a wide array of departments and subjects that are open to study abroad students, including courses in the sciences and mathematics, as well as the humanities.  Please refer to the Programmes & Modules Handbook for updated course offerings.

  3. Where will I live at the University of Birmingham?
    Students live on-campus, and can choose from a variety of different halls.  The types of accommodations available varies, as do the fees for each, so please be sure to carefully read through the different options listed on the Undergraduate Accommodations page of their website.

  4. Do University of Birmingham students come to Providence College?
    Yes!  Each year several students from Birmingham study at PC for a semester or year.  Please contact Grace Cleary in the Center for International Studies for more information and to get in touch with them.

  5. What is the cost of studying at the University of Birmingham?
    It depends.  Students studying on an exchange program fall under the same Home School Tuition policy as other study abroad students.  For more information on what students pay for a semester abroad, please visit our Paying for Study Abroad page.  Instead of paying the non-tuition fees to a program provider, students will pay these directly the University of Birmingham.  All fees charged by Birmingham are in British Sterling.

Application Steps for the University of Birmingham

Students who have received written approval to apply for the University of Birmingham exchange program should follow the steps below.  Please be sure to carefully read all instructions on the University of Birmingham website, as procedures can change without notice.

  1. Complete the online application at
  2. In addition to doing the online application, you must email a scanned copy of your application form and supporting documents (listed below) to

  3. The application form must be signed by the Providence College Assistant Dean of International Studies, as should the section of the application called “Exchange co-ordinator validation."

  4. Supporting documents:
    • A copy of your academic transcripts, showing the courses you have taken and your grades.
    • An academic reference letter from a professor. This just needs to be a short letter or email from someone who has taught you on your current course saying what you are like as a student and why you are a good study abroad candidate.
    • A copy of your passport/photo ID page
    • A list of module (class) choices.

Everything can be scanned and e-mailed – originals do not need to be sent by regular mail.  Once everything is printed, please bring it to the CIS where it can be scanned into a single PDF document that you can then send to

When you are admitted to the university, your offer letter will include a UB Student ID number.  Once you have that you need to apply for accommodation ASAP.  Students must apply to Accommodation Services directly online at

Please note that the University of Birmingham Accommodation Services office manages and allocates their applications themselves, and Providence College cannot place students in housing or make special requests.

Contact at University of Birmingham for incoming U.S. students:

  • Neil Driscoll
    Tel: +011 (44) 121 414 8613​​​