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Providence College Exchange Programs

​​​​​​​​​​Providence College is proud to partner with the University of Birmingham in England.

In addition to our approved study abroad options offered by program providers, students have the opportunity to be considered to study away from PC at one of our partner institutions by participating in a student exchange. The International Exchange Program enables eligible PC students to study at  the University of Birminhgam – both distinguished intitutions– while earning PC credit and being immersed in the culture of some of the world's most exciting cities.

Current Providence College Students

Students who are approved to participate in the Birmingham exchanges pay PC tuition which allows you to maintain your financial aid package, including grants and scholarships (unique partner fees may be required).  Non-tuition fees, such as housing, are paid to the partner institution in the local currency.  For more information on financing your semester(s) abroad, please read more about our Home School Tuition policy.

In an exchange program, students are integrated directly into the host university. This requires students to be self-reliant and independent. Ask yourself the following questions to help determine your comfort with this level of independence:

  • How do you feel about traveling alone to another country? At times, more than one PC student will be participating at the same location, during the same semester. It is more likely, however, that you will be the only PC student at the exchange location.
  • When you have a concern or a problem, do you try to solve it yourself, or do you rely on others to take care of things for you? Exchange students must be proactive in resolving issues that arise before and during the exchange.
  • How patient are you? During the application and acceptance process for exchange programs, getting a response to an inquiry can take several days, and information may not be available when you wish to have it. For example, you will probably not have specific class schedule information before you arrive at your host institution.

It is important to acknowledge the challenges that an exchange student may encounter. Meeting these challenges, however, demonstrates that exchange program participants have experienced tremendous growth in the skills and traits many employers value in job candidates: independence, problem-solving ability, self motivation, tolerance, cultural awareness, and adaptability, among others.

Students Currently Enrolled at ​Birmingham

You must contact the office at your university that manages the nomination process to learn how your school selects nominees.  Please see contact information below:​​​

University of Birmingham

  • Katrina Moore
    Outgoing Study Abroad & Exchanges
    International Outgoing Administrator
    Tel: 0121 414 3037

Students applying for, or already admitted to, Providence College should direct any inquiries to gcleary​

Students Enrolled at Universities that are not partners with PC

If you are enrolled at a University that is not a partner with PC you cannot participate in an exchange program for temporary study at our institution.