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Difficult Dialogues

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Difficult Dialogues is a multifaceted initiative that aims to equip members of the Providence College community with the skills to engage and facilitate deep and productive dialogue around various critical issues within and beyond the classroom. 

This program brings together:


To do three critical things:

​​Foster a culture of dialogue within and beyond the classroom Deepen trust, respect, and mutual understanding between and amongst students, faculty and staff Promote collaborative problem-solving regarding community concerns

Outcomes of sustained engagement in dialogue include:

  • Analytical thinking about society
  • Consideration of multiple perspectives
  • Thinking and learning about one’s own identity and perspective
  • More positive interactions across differences/the development of close friendships across differences
  • Deepened understanding of individual and structural inequality
  • Increased empathy across groups
  • Motivation to bridge differences between groups
  • Trust, cohesion, risk-taking, willingness to admit mistakes, and forgiveness​
  • Deepened skills in dealing with conflicts​​​

​The Difficult Dialogues Implementation Team

  • ​Kathy Alvino, Human Resources
  • Rev. Nicanor Austriaco, O.P., ​​Biology & Theology
  • Kathy Baer, Institutional Advancement
  • Dana Dillon, Theology
  • Gail Dyer, General Counsel
  • Tiffany Gaffney, Student Affairs
  • Meghan Griffiths, Feinstein Institute for Public Service
  • Laurie Grupp, Elementary/Special Education & Center for Teaching Excellence
  • James Keating, Theology
  • Jill LaPoint, Athletics
  • Nicholas Longo, Global Studies
  • Tierra L. Marshall, Institutional Diversity (Chair)
  • Cristina Rodriguez, English
  • Steven Sears, Student Affairs