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Copying Course Sites and Materials

How do I copy one site into another site? I want to copy everything.

Note that the receiving site can be unpublished.

  • Enter the course you would like to copy content into (the empty or new course)
  • Click on Site Editor
  • Turn on the tools in the new site to match the old site. (For example, if you used Discussion Forums in the old site, then it must be turned on in the new site BEFORE you try to copy.)
  • In the Site Editor, click on the “Import from site” tab. You will see three options. Only use the
    “I would like to merge my data” option.

If you forget to turn on a tool before you copy, you can always go back to the Site Editor, turn on the tool, and do the import again.

Download or print the handy PDF Guide "Getting Ready", with notes on Syllabus, Course Materials, and Gradebook in Sakai.

Copy Course Content from One Site to Another

How do I copy specific documents or folders from the Resources in one site into another site?

  • Start in the new (empty) site
  • Click on Resources
  • Show other sites
  • Select the site
  • Actions > Copy next to the item (folder, document, etc.)
  • Clipboard appears
  • Click back on original site folder (toward the top, below the word Resources)
  • Click clipboard icon to paste

Makes a copy – the file is now in the new site (not a link)

Copying Documents from One Site to Another

How do I link to documents or folders in My Workspace Resources?

  • My Workspace > Resources
  • Edit Details next to the item (folder, document, etc.)
  • Mark as ‘publicly viewable ‘
  • Copy URL
  • Go to course site
  • Resources
  • Add web link
  • Paste URL from My Workspace
  • Save

Adding Resources in My Workspace

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