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Founded in 1917, Providence College is a Roman Catholic, four-year liberal arts institution founded and operated under the auspices of the Dominican Friars. The College enrolls approximately 3,700 full-time undergraduate students, 900 graduate students, and 650 students in the School of Continuing Education.


​Employee Recognition Programs


The College believes that employees should be recognized for their dedication and contributions made in support of the mission of the College.  The College has three established employee recognition programs to reward employees for high quality performance of individual job responsibilities, exemplary service to the campus community, and for many years of service.


Torchbearer Award 


The Torchbearer Award is an annual employee recognition program that recognizes and rewards an administrative and a staff employee through an annual peer nomination program.  This program is an opportunity to show our administrators and staff that we appreciate their hard work, dedication, and service to the College, and to publically recognize their achievements. 

 The 2015 recipients of the Torchbearer Award, Pamela Hartley, Administrative Assistant in the Athletics Department, and Koren Kanadanian, Director of Emergency Management, were honored at an awards ceremony, sponsored by the department of Human Resources, on March 5, 2015.  Rev. Brian J. Shanley, O.P. presented the awards to Pam and Koren and praised them for their accomplishments.


Pictured from left to right, Rev. Brian Shanley, O.P., Pamela Hartley, Koren Kanadanian, and Rev. Kenneth Sicard, O.P.

Pictured from left to right, Rev. Brian Shanley, O.P. and Pamela Hartley.


Pictured from left to right, Koren Kanadanian and Rev. Brian Shanley, O.P.



Spotlight Award Program


The "Spotlight Award" is a recognition program whereby a supervisor can instantly recognize and reward an individual or group for specific achievements.  All full-time full-year, full-time academic year, and part-time full-year employees are eligible to receive the spotlight award.  Each recipient may choose his/her award from a list of gift options with a maximum value of $50.  A maximum of two awards may be given to a single individual each fiscal year.

Service Recognition Program

Providence College is appreciative of the administrators and staff who come to work each day to contribute to our goals and to support and uphold the mission of Providence College.  The Service Recognition program recognizes administrators and staff for their length of service to Providence College. 

The Service Recognition Program rewards years of service at the 10, 20, and 25 year level, and at five year increments thereafter.  All full-time support staff and administrators are eligible to receive the service award.

Each recipient is presented with a personalized certificate of appreciation.  In addition, the program allows each recipient to choose a personal award based on an assigned dollar value at each service level. Awards are presented individually on, or as close to, the service anniversary date as possible.

Support staff and administrators that reach 25 years of service are invited to a celebration luncheon with the President of the College.

For further details on these employee recognition programs, please visit:​

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