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Next fall, changes are coming to the usual list of HPM course offerings! First, and foremost, we're going to try a new sequence for the program's team-taught senior seminar. While this course is typically offered in the Spring, at our December 2011 faculty meeting we decided to offer this capstone course in the Fall to give students a firmer foundation before they enter the job market. This class will also develop critical reading and writing skills that will be useful for students who would like to take a writing intensive seminar in the Spring. 

In addition, several courses are being offered for the first time. We are thrilled to offer a new course on Global Health (pending approval by the College Curriculum Committee) taught by Dr. Agartan. A previous version of this course was offered in the Fall of 2011 as HPM 470: Global Health. Dr. Hackey will offer his course on Health Care Reform in America for the first time since 2002. This course is crosslisted as AMS 350. Finally, Dr. Donna Searles, who taught our Gender and Health seminar this fall, will offer a brand new seminar on Native American Health.

Please note that HPM 300 Financial Management of Health Care Institutions will not be offered this term, but will return in the Spring. 

Last updated 2/29/2012

Fall 2012 Course Offerings

Number             Title | Instructor | Series

HPM 101.001    American Health Care System | Deborah Levine | TWF 8:30
HPM 101.002    American Health Care System | Deborah Levine | TWF 9:30
HPM 101.003    American Health Care System | Tuba Agartan | TWF 10:30
HPM 202.001    Principles of Healthcare Management | Andrea Galgay | T 4-6:30
HPM 240.001    Epidemiology | Jessica Mulligan | MR 8:30
HPM 240.002    Epidemiology | Jessica Mulligan | MR 10
HPM 250.001    Computing and Information Systems in HPM | Anthony Bartolotta | Th 7-9:30
HPM 303.001    Management of Human Resources in Health Care | Louis Pugliese | Th 4-6:30
HPM 310.001    Health Law | Gerard Goulet | M 4-6:30
HPM 315.001    Global Health (Pending CCC approval, XLIST GST)
| Tuba Agartan | TR 11:30
HPM 320.001    Perspectives on Non-Profit Organizations | MR 8:30
HPM 350.001    Health Care Reform in America (XLST AMS 350) | Robert Hackey | MWF 1:30
HPM 408.001    Policy Analysis | Robert Hackey | MWF 11:30
HPM 450.001    Field Experience | Todd Olszewski | F 2:30
HPM 450.002    Field Experience | Todd Olszewski | MR 2:30
HPM 480.001    Senior Seminar | Deborah Levine | TR 1
HPM 480.002    Senior Seminar | Jessica Mulligan | TR 1
HPM 480.003    Senior Seminar | Tuba Agartan | TR 1
HPM 480.004    Senior Seminar | Todd Olszewski | TR 1
HPM 470.001    ST: Native American Health | Donna Searles | TR 2:30

Note: Course offerings and times are subject to final approval by the Office of Enrollment Services.

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