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Jessica Mulligan


Photo of faculty memberAssociate Professor
Director, Health Policy and Management Program (Interim: Spring 2014)

Contact Information:
Howley Hall 204


Ph.D. - Anthropology, Harvard University

Area(s) of Expertise:

Medical Anthropology, Insurance, Managed Care, Health Policy, Ethnography

Awards and Honors:

Committee on Aid to Faculty Research Grant - Providence College

Selected Publications:

Mulligan, Jessica., Castañeda, Heide. (2017). Unequal Coverage: The Experience of Health Care Reform in the United States. . New York, NY: NYU Press.

Mulligan, Jessica. (2017). The problem of choice: From the voluntary way to Affordable Care Act insurance exchanges. Social Science and Medicine, (181), 34-42.

Levine, Deborah., Mulligan, Jessica. (2017). Mere Mortals: Overselling the Young Invincibles. Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law42 (2), 22.

Mulligan, Jessica. (2016). Insurance Accounts: The Cultural Logics of Health Care Financing. Medical Anthropology Quarterly30 (1), 37-61. Wiley.

Dao, Amy., Mulligan, Jessica. (2016). Toward an Anthropology of Insurance and Health Reform: An Introduction to the Special Issue. Medical Anthropology Quarterly30 (1), 5-17.

Levine, Deborah., Mulligan, Jessica. (2015). Overutilization, Overutilized. Health Politics, Policy and Law40 (2), 421-437.

Mulligan, Jessica. (2014). Unmanageable Care: An Ethnography of Health Care Privatization in Puerto Rico. New York, NY: NYU Press.

Horton, Sarah., Abadía, Cesar ., Mulligan, Jessica., Jo Thompson, Jennifer. (2014). Critical Anthropology of Global Health 'Takes a Stand' Statement: A Critical Medical Anthropological Approach to the US' Affordable Care Act. Medical Anthropology Quarterly28 (1), 1-22.

Recent Presentations:

Mulligan, Jessica., Interpretive Policy Analysis (IPA) Conference, Department of Politics and Public Policy, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK, "Expertise without experience: Unraveling discontent with the Affordable Care Act". July, 2017.

Mulligan, Jessica., Transformations in Social Citizenship: Stratification, Risk and Responsibility in Health Care Reform, School for Advanced Research, Santa Fe, NM, "But is it for me? Resentment politics, stratification & access to coverage in Obamacare". October, 2015.

Raskin, Sarah., Mulligan, Jessica., Anthropology and Global Health: interrogating theory, policy and practice, European Association of Social Anthropologists’ Medical Anthropology meeting, University of Sussex, UK, "Compelled to Choose: Ethnographic Engagements with Consumer Directed Healthcare". September, 2015.

Mulligan, Jessica., American Anthropological Association, Chicago, IL, "Paper: Shop Talk with Insurance Executives: On Disappointment and Chaos in Managed Care". November, 2013.

Mulligan, Jessica., American Anthropological Association, Chicago, IL, "Session: Bureaucratic Chaos and Market Rule: Social Service and Health Care Work in the U.S.". November, 2013.

Mulligan, Jessica., American Anthropological Association’s Society for Medical Anthropology (SMA)/ European Association of Social Anthropologists’ (EASA) Medical Anthropology Network, Tarragona, Spain, "The Financialization of Health Systems: Ethnographic Engagements with Insurance". June, 2013.

Mulligan, Jessica., Puerto Rican Studies Association, Albany, NY, "Health and Community: Crossing Bodies, Entwined Futures: of Health and Environmental Activism". October, 2012.

Mulligan, Jessica., American Anthropological Association, Montreal, Canada, "Accounting for Value: Anthropological Approaches to Finance, Insurance, and Market-Based Health". November, 2011.