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Providers decide what medications will be dispensed by the Student Health Center, including  cold and cough treatments, Tylenol, Ibubrofen, and antibiotics.

For prescribed medications, there are several pharmacies within walking distance from campus:

  • CVS Pharmacy
    400 Admiral Street
  • Walgreens Pharmacy
    Admiral Street

Long term prescriptions: A student's physician must document medication on the health record. The physician must see to it that the student has sufficient supply (or a refill prescription) to last until a return home.

Syringes: For students who need to use syringes, they must record that need on their health record, and they must personally notify the Student Health Center of their need.

NOTE: Used syringes must be sealed in a sharps container and must not be disposed of in the trash! Full containers can be brought home or to the Student Health Center for disposal.

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