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Kara Cebulko

​​​​​​​​​​Kara Cebulko is an assistant professor of Sociology and Global Studies at Providence College. Her research and teaching interests focus on the experiences of unauthorized migrants, transitions to adulthood, race and ethnicity, and globalization.  She is the author of a number of publications, including a forthcoming article in The Sociological Quarterly "Documented, Undocumented and Liminal Legality: Legal Status during the Transition to Adulthood for 1.5 Generation Brazilians."  Her earlier work has appeared in The Journal of Marriage and Family (co-authored work with Leah Van Wey, 2007) and The Journal of Family Issues (co-author with Pamela Braboy Jackson, Claudia Geist and Sibyl Kleiner, 2011). Recently, she published her first book Documented, Undocumented and Something Else: The Incorporation of Children of Brazilian Immigrants  (LFB Scholarly Publishing). She is also a member of the Coalition of Advocates for Student Opportunities (CASO-RI), a group of community members dedicated to increasing educational equality for all residents of Rhode Island.  

She completed her Ph.D in Sociology at Indiana University-Bloomington in 2009 and holds a Masters (Sociology) from Indiana University-Bloomington and Bachelors of Arts (Psychology) from DePauw University. ” 

Growing up just outside Indianapolis, Indiana, Kara has a strong love for her Indianapolis Colts and Indiana Hoosiers. Outside of her teaching, research, community engagement, and sports-obsessions, she loves to run, hike, swim, cross-country ski, and travel, especially to Brazil.  

Kara lives in Rumford, Rhode Island with her husband, Brady and daughter, Libby.