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​​​​​Any interdisciplinary program relies on resources and inputs provided by various individuals and departments. The Global Studies Program is no different. Rather than merely borrowing resources to fulfill short-term needs, we strive to develop full, long-lasting partnerships with many groups and individuals, both on-campus and beyond.

We consider our Global Studies majors to be full partners in developing and maintaining high-quality educational programs and courses. We seek faculty partners from across campus who create highly interactive, challenging classes and who are willing to work with us beyond the international courses they teach.

Finally, we seek organizational partners, both on- and off-campus who will work with us to provide creative and life-changing experiences for Global Studies majors and who will--in the true spirit of partnership--benefit from what we bring to them as well.


The Center for International Studies​

Adrian Beaulieu, Dean of International Studies

Harkins Hall 215

The Center for International Studies at Providence College serves as a bridge in fostering a learning environment whereby members of the PC community, as they are exposed to a diversity of cultures and social and political viewpoints, come to truly understand and see themselves as world citizens. 

Feinstein Institute for Public Service

Dr. Richard Battistoni, Director

Feinstein Academic Center 402

The Feinstein Institute for Public Service is comprised of faculty, staff, students, and community partners who engage in thoughtful reflection and dialogue with the shared goal of working to strengthen local communities. By working together, the Institute and its partners can provide quality service experiences for students and valuable benefits for our local communities.

In The Community

International Institute of Rhode Island

The International Institute is an an independent non-profit organization that has been serving immigrants and refugees, one family at a time, since 1921. The International Institute serve as a full-service immigration center providing educational, legal, and social services to immigrants and refugees throughout Rhode Island and southeastern New England. Fundamental to all their programs and services is the promotion of self - sufficiency -- giving clients tools to help themselves become active participants in the social, political & economic richness of American life.

English for Action ​

"English for Action (EFA) creates innovative educational programs that positively impact immigrant neighborhoods. We empower learner​s and educators to use language as the basis of building stronger communities and bringing about social change. EFA strives to build multilingual communities where language barriers no longer isolate immigrant families from the educational, economic and social resources they need to improve their lives. By cultivating learning environments in which multiple cultures, languages, and voices are honored, we help immigrant families empower themselves to lead the positive changes that they envision for their communities."

Southside Community Land Trust​

Southside Community Land Trust is an environmental and community‐minded non‐profit organization committed to preserving open space and ensuring access to affordable, nutritious food for everyone, regardless of socio‐economic status.

Providence Academy for International Studies (PAIS)

PAIS' mission is to provide students with a rigorous college preparatory education and to create an environment that encourages and supports students in the development of an ethic of responsibility toward not only the local community, but internationally.