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Major & Minor


Major & Minor

​​​​​​​​​The Department of Foreign Language Studies offers a major in French, Italian and Spanish as well as a major in conjunction with the Secondary Education Program in preparation for a career as a foreign language teacher. 

In order to major in a language, students must complete 30 credit hours of course work at the 200 level and above, including 201 (Composition), 210 (Conversation), 212 (Civilization), 321-322 (Survey of Literature), and five courses above 300, of which at least two must be in literature at the 400 level.  Students who begin at a level lower than the 200 level are welcome to major as well, and we have had many students in the past do so.  The Department chairperson is always available to answer questions.

Many students choose to declare a double major, linking their language major with a major in another field, such as art history, biology, global studies, health policy and management, marketing, political science, among others. 

The Department offers a minor in French, German, Italian and Spanish to complement their major field of study.  In addition, specially designed programs of language study can be created to suit the needs of individual students.  

Students are able to fulfill the six-credit concentration requirement for the College new core curriculum by completing two courses in a foreign language. An online language placement is available to provide students and advisors guidance in course selection at the appropriate level.  

The Department offers majors and minors at the advanced level the opportunity to apply and deepen their knowledge of the major language/culture outside the classroom. Students earn 3 credits by spending a minimum of 10 hours at the internship site and completing a complementary academic assignment designed in collaboration with the faculty supervisor and approved by the department chairperson.