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Beyond the Classroom


Chinese New Year

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Beyond the Classroom

​​​​​​​​​​Language majors and minors have interned at the following institutions in Providence:

Diocese of Providence: Spanish majors and minors interested in immigration issues have the opportunity to work in collaboration with nationals from a variety of countries and guide them through the preparation of the United States citizenship exam. Spanish majors and minors offer participants an in-depth analysis of the different sections of the test and provide practice and advice on how to improve participants’ English literacy skills.

French-American School of Rhode Island:  senior French majors work with a classroom instructor to design, implement and facilitate learning plans in this unique bi-lingual and bi-cultural immersion school (K-8) accredited by the French Ministry of Education and the State of Rhode Island.

International Institute of Rhode Island:  senior language majors and minors work with individuals and families emigrating to the US from all over the world in order to facilitate integration into a new culture; students serve as translators, assist with citizenship issues, and explain cultural differences.

Italian Vice Consulate Office: Italian majors and minors experience first-hand how the Vice Consulate Office serves the needs of the significant Italian population of Rhode Island by assisting both Italian and American citizens who seek to renew or apply for new visas, passports, dual citizenship and retirement benefits.

Mt. St. Charles Academy: Spanish majors interested in teaching Spanish as a foreign language have the opportunity to tutor secondary school students in the practice of oral and written skills in the foreign language as well as in the analysis and appreciation of Hispanic cultures in their native settings and in the United States. Tutoring sessions vary in topic and in pedagogical approach.

Edward Rhodes School: Spanish majors lead a Spanish after-school program for grades 1-6 where learners are exposed to the basic structures of the language and start developing an appreciation for the Hispanic cultures. Majors are responsible for developing the language curriculum and pedagogical materials in collaboration with the internship faculty supervisor.

The Department strongly encourages students to study abroad in a country where English is not the official language, and offers advice on summer, semester, or academic-year language programs worldwide. The Department believes that the immersion in a language/culture different from one’s own is an indispensable component of fulfilling the mission of the major.