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Momentum-Campus Renovations


John Sweeney
Senior Vice President
Finance and Business


Barbara Muriel
Senior Executive Assistant
Finance and Business



Providence College Campus Project Updates 


9/10/2014 - Recap of Summer Projects, including construction, technology and new space in Ruane Center. Read more ...

9/3/2014 - The new Veritas Circle has been completed behind Harkins Hall. 

Veitas Circle 1 resized.jpg

7/23/2014 - New walkways are being installed on the paths along side of McDermott and between the Library and Martin Hall.


7/15/2014 - Alumni Food Court get Original Burger Company!

Recent renovations to the Alumni Food Courts this summer have been completed for the Original Burger Company (OBC) grille. This new grille will feature a “Built For You” concept with fresh burgers and sandwiches with a variety of bread and over 20 options for toppings.  The new OBC Grille will be open for business in August.

OBC grille 2014.jpg

6/27/2014 - New Link : Contruction Alerts/Notices for Campus Community.  Please check out the new link to alert our campus community of any construction or project related events that will impact the campus.

 9/11/2014 - The renovations of the Santander Bank branch has been scheduled for over the Christmas Holiday.  

Santander Branch Design.jpg
6/20/2014 - Beautiful horse chestnut tree in it's first full bloom at the Arts Walk.

 horse chestnut tree arts walk.jpg

4/28/2014 - The Department of  Art and Art History provided these pictures of our students using the new outdoor pedagogical spaces on campus.  The new sundial in the Arts District seems to be a popular classroom space.

 visual arts 1.jpg

visual arts 3.png
4/2/2014 - New wayfinding maps are here.

Campus Wayfinding Map March 2014 resized for web.jpg

3/26/2014 - Schneider Arena in use. (Photos by Bruce T. Martin Photography, All Rights Reserved)

cropped pic 1.jpg
schn crop 2.jpg

12/2/2013 - Ruane Center for the Humanities acknowledged for outstanding design from American School and University architectural portfolio. RuaneCenter Award Outstanding Design.pdfRuaneCenter Award Outstanding Design.pdf

 11/14/2013 - View the time lapse video of the Ruane Center for the Humanities construction.

11/8/2013 - The New Arts Theatre classroom in Guzman Hall was designed and built to meet the special requirements involved in teaching the visual arts. This 105 seat classroom will be used for Art History survey classes, campus film showings, lectures/presentations and other events.  The classroom contains a very large projection screen and new technologies (from 25 Live) including Apple TV, Blue Ray, computer projection, Crestron control, document camera, DVD VHS playback, laptop ready, CD playback screen and much more.

art theatre classroom 2.jpg
10/11/2013 - Providence Journal article on the Ruane Center for the Humanities Pro Jo Article on Ruane Center.pdfPro Jo Article on Ruane Center.pdf.

10/5/2013 - The Ruane Center Dedication - A Ceremony for the Ages

10/3/2013 - Ruane Center for Humanities dedication scheduled for October 5, 2013.

Our Latest Project Progress

11/15/2013 - Aerial picture of the new track and field says it all.

Aerial phote of track and field 550 X310.jpg
10/17/2013 - Track is installed.

track 2 10_17_2013.jpg
track 3 10_17_2013.jpg
9/20/2013 - The story behind the arts walk at Hunt Cavanagh.

labyrinth at chapel.png
8/22/2013 - Sylvia Nicolas delivers the completed St. Thomas Aquinas statue for the Ruane Center for the Humanities.  The statue was placed in the garden on Wednesday, 8/21/2013.

st. thomas statue 2 8212013.jpg

8/16/2013 - East campus near Hunt Cavanagh undergoes some fresh landscaping, repaved roads, and the construction of a working sundial.

 East campus roads.jpg
sundial 8142013.jpg

east campus landscape 1.jpg

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