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Momentum-Campus Renovations

Providence College Campus Project Updates 



10/7/2015 - Arthur & Patricia Ryan Center for Business Studies

Groubreaking ceremoney for Arthur & Patricia Ryan Center for Business Studies was a success.Read more...

9/29/2015 - Chapey Field at Anderson Stadium

 Canopy steel is up.  Press box and suites are beginning to take shape.


9/22/2015 - Arthur and Patricia Ryan Center for Business Studies


The official groundbreaking ceremony for the Arthur and Patricia Ryan Center for Business Studies has been set for Friday, October 2.


9/16/2015 - The under field drainage system for Chapey Field at Anderson Stadium is being installed.



9/10/2015 - Providence Journal does feature story on stormwater management here at Providence College.


Gale Gennaro, the College’s environmental compliance expert, did a beautiful job explaining our stormwater management program and talking about the many new bioswales on campus.  Here is a link to that story:


9/2/2015 - Student Dining - Gluten Free meals cooked to order at Raymond Dining Hall.


To ensure an all-inclusive exceptional dining experience, students diagnosed with celiac disease, gastrointestinal conditions and other allergies can order gluten free meals cooked to order at Raymond's MyZone Sauté Action Station.  The sauté station is available Monday - Friday at lunch and dinner. Meal options may include chicken and vegetable stir fry, hot sandwiches on gluten free bread and an ever expanding entree menu. Students can also enjoy pre-made gluten free selections  from the secured MyZone pantry during normal operating hours Sunday - Saturday.



9/1/2015 - Aquinas Hall Handicap Access

Three new handicapped access points were added to both the dormitory and the public meeting spaces in Aquinas Hall. This includes two new ramps outside the building as well as one inside the lobby.


New Student Parking Lot - on the corner of Eaton and Huxley getting it's final touches.


9/4/2015  - Parking Deck

Crane lowers metal pans on the first and second level of the new parking deck.

8/21/2015 New parking deck which will have new tennis courts at the top level.


8/20/2015 - Newly paved Wardlaw parking lot


This newly configured parking lot will accommodate 124 parking spaces.  The lot will be controlled allowing card access only for faculty and staff from 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM and for grad/SCE students from 4:00PM  to 10:00PM


8/19/2015 - Tech Additions to Slavin

The Information Technology Department, working in partnership with Student Congress and Student Affairs, have added technology stations to Slavin Center.  On the main level, we've installed a public computer station equipped with 4 Mac computers and additional work space for personal computers.

On the lower level of Slavin, next to the Dunkin Donuts, a mobile device quick-charge station has been installed.  Also on the lower level adjacent to the Santander bank branch a mobile device charge locker.  Both device charging stations have been placed on emergency power and will remain operational during an electrical outage.

      Pictured below is a mobile quick charge station


 8/18/2015 - Information Technology Completes Phase 2 of the Residence Hall Wireless Upgrade.


Phase 2 of 3 of the Residence Hall wireless upgrade consisting of both a wireless infrastructure upgrade, as well as expansion upon offered wireless services has been successfully completed.  Approximately 250 new wireless access points were deployed to augment the existing infrastructure, as well as all supporting wiring being upgraded to Category 6A, providing increases in both speed and density of wireless coverage in the following Residence Halls: McVinney Hall, Suites Hall, and Davis Hall

WIFI services offered include secure mobile device WIFI configuration (BYOD), guest WIFI access, and dedicated support of student consumer devices such as smart TV’s, game consoles, and set top boxes.

PC-Secure:  QuickConnect now enables students, faculty and staff, with valid network accounts, to pre-configure and test their mobile devices. This facilitates and ensures they are able to attach to the College’s encrypted and authenticated WIFI network, before they even arrive on campus.

PC-WIFI:  Secure guest WIFI access is now handled in one of two ways.  Individual guests can gain access through a sponsor, and every member of the College community who has a valid network account qualifies as a sponsor. This type of guest access expires 24 hours from the time the automated access is granted. Guests visiting for an official event, conference, or any type of extended stay can also have a unique temporary account created by the PC Helpdesk, which will be enabled for a specified about of time.

PC-Devices:  A separate WIFI network segment has been created for devices that do not support WPA Enterprise wireless networks such as game consoles and set top boxes (Apple TV, Roku, etc.), but still require internet connectivity only. Each of these devices must be centrally registered and enabled by the PC Helpdesk.

Phase 2 also included the introduction of a new active/active redundant but unique internet service provider connection to campus.  This provides the ability to support twice the amount of internet traffic then previously available, while ensuring automated failover support in the event of a single ISP failure.

The planning for final Phase (3 of 3) has already begun, with implementation commencing in the spring of 2016 to Bedford Hall, Cunningham Hall, DiTraglia Hall, Mal Brown Hall, Fennell Hall, and Raymond Hall.


Construction Alerts for Campus Community

No alerts at this time. 

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