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The Ruane Center for the Humanities - Artists Rendering

The artist's rendering. Click through for images of the building as it progresses.

October 15, 2012 - All Steel In Place.

Photo shot October 15, 2012. All steel is now in place.​

October 23, 2012

View from the north side of the Ruane Center for the Humanities.​

January 8, 2013

​Photo shot January 8, 2013. We've reached the halfway point.

April 25, 2013

​South side of Ruane brick work

Ruane Main Entrance

Ruane Main Entrance​

September 12, 2013

The completed Ruane Center for the Humanities​

Project Overview

The Ruane Center for the Humanities is designed to accommodate the newly structured Development of Western Civilization program as well as offices for the School of Arts & Sciences, the center for the Study of the Humanities, the Liberal Arts Honors Program, and the Departments of English and History.  The building provides 63,000 square feet of additional space and is scheduled for completion in September 2013.

Architect: S/L/A/M Collaborative
                   Sullivan Buckingham Architects
Construction Manager: Dimeo Construction


John Sweeney
Senior Vice President
Finance and Business

Barbara Muriel
Senior Executive Assistant
Finance and Business

The Ruane Center for the Humanities

News and Updates

Summer  Projects 2014

Academic Affairs makes new space available in Ruane Center

The Innovation and Creativity Suite, LL49 in the Ruane Center is intended as a getaway or retreat space where groups of faculty, students, and staff can come together to think about, discuss, plan, and innovate in a collaborative environment.

The Suite is divided into two areas.  The lounge area includes soft seating, two computer stations, a printer, and a white board.  The meeting ​area serves as a functional meeting space with six-person tables that may be brought together to create a group workspace.

12/2/2013 - Ruane Center for the Humanities acknowledged for outstanding design from American School and University architectural portfolio.
11/14/2013 - View the time lapse video of the Ruane Center for the Humanities construction.

10/11/2013 - Providence Journal article on the Ruane Center for the Humanities

10/5/2013 - The Ruane Center Dedication - A Ceremony for the Ages

10/3/2013 - Ruane Center for Humanities dedication scheduled for October 5, 2013.

8/27/2013 - St. Thomas Aquinas arrives on campus.  Dedication ceremony scheduled for October 5 during St. Dominic Weekend. 8/21/2013 - View some of the artwork that has been added to the Ruane Center.

Art on display in Ruane
Art on display in Ruane
Art on display in Ruane

8/22/2013 - Sylvia Nicolas delivers the completed St. Thomas Aquinas statue for the Ruane Center for the Humanities. The statue was placed in the garden on Wednesday, 8/21/2013.
St. Thomas Statue: August 21, 2013
8/1/2013 - Completed Great Room Pics

Ruane Great Room, Fireplace

Ruane Great Room, July 2013
6/19/2013 - Interior pictures of the first and second floors of the Ruane Center.

First floor hallways and class/lecture rooms

Ruane, First Floor Hallway

120 Seat Lecture Hall
Ruane, 120 seat lecture hall
Ruane, 120 seat lecture hall


Ruane, 1st floor classroom

Second floor stairwell

Ruane, stairwell

One of the second floor main hallways

Ruane, Main Hallway Second Floor

Ruane, hallway on the second floor to faculty offices

Large lecture room on second floor

Ruane, lecture room on the second floor
Ruane, lecture room on the second floor

60 seat flexible seating/table lecture room

Ruane, lecture room with flexible seating

6/19/2013 New exterior pictures of the Ruane Center.

Ruane, tower entrance

Eaton Street side
Ruane, south exterior

Library connector
Ruane, exterior connector in June

4/25/2013 - Ruane Center for the Humanities is taking shape.

Ruane-south side April 25, 2013


Ruane, seal April 25th

Library Connector

Ruane, Library Connector April 25th

Ruane, Hallway April 25th ​​

4/10/2013 - In two weeks, the clay statue of St. Thomas Aquinas will be sent to Utah where it will be cast in bronze.

Final statue of St. Thomas Aquinas, April 2013
4/9/2013 - Artist Sylvia Nicolas is profiled on New Hampshire public television.  One of the features in the story is the St. Thomas Aquinas statue she is sculpting for the Ruane Center. View Video

Sketch of St. Thomas garden at Ruane

Sketch provided by The S/L/A/M Collaborative & Sullivan Buckingham Architects

3/25/2013 - The interior of the Ruane Center is beginning to take shape.  Pictured below are the large lecture halls.

120 seat lecture hall

Ruane Lecture hall 120 seat, March 2013
159 seat lecture hall

Ruane- 159 seat lecture hall, March 2013

3/15/2013 - The wrapping on the south side of the building was removed this week to reveal the brick work that has been completed. Over the next week, we will be removing the scaffolding and installing windows.

Ruane, South Side Brick unwrapped March 15th 2013
1/17/2013 - Dean of School of Arts & Science, Sheila Adamus; Director of DWC, Vance Morgan; and Director of Liberal Arts Honors, Stephen Lynch tour the construction site with Mark Rapoza and Dimeo site supervisor.  Also joining the tour is Dr. Hugh Lena, Provost, Chuck Haberle and Brian Bartolini of academic affairs.

Ruane tour with Mark Rapoza and Dimeo site supervisor, Jan 17 2013
Ruane tour with Mark Rapoza and Dimeo site supervisor, Jan 17 2013
1/11/2013 - Fr. Shanley and Fr. Sicard toured the Ruane Center for the Humanities construction site with John Sweeney, Mark Rapoza and representatives from Dimeo construction

1/11/2013 - Fr. Shanley and Fr. Sicard toured the Ruane Center for the Humanities construction site with John Sweeney, Mark Rapo

1/11/2013 - Fr. Shanley and Fr. Sicard toured the Ruane Center for the Humanities construction site with John Sweeney, Mark Rapo

1/10/2013 - Masonry work on Ruane Center for the Humanities has begun.

The next phase of the project is underway. The wrapping of the building will allow the contractors to heat the building and allow for the masons to erect staging and begin the process of installing the brick to the building. Heating the building is essential to insure that the mortar mix is at the correct temperature for application. The masonry process will work from south (Eaton St. side) to north. Along with the wrapping of the building, roof work continues to keep the building weather tight.

Ruane, wrapped January 2013 Ruane, wrapped January 2013

12/4/2012 - What is a mockup and why do we need one for the construction of the Ruane Center for the Humanities?

Ruane Mockup, 12/4/2012The mockup is constructed to insure that all the components of the building construction go together the way they were designed. The mockup consists of elements from all major trades that would be coordinated in putting together the building envelope. This process ensures the appropriate fit for each element including brick, mortar, window installation, sealants, insulations, and precast around the windows and control joints.  If there are any questions that may arise during the construction of the building, the approved mockup would be used as the reference point to insure the correct construction.

Not only does the mockup insure that the materials are working together both physically and aesthetically, but it will also assist in the coordination and timing of when each element should be installed--for example, which goes first.  Once all these components are in place, the project can move along in a more expedient manner. This process reduces the chance for delays and insures quality going forward. 

12/3/2012 - St. Thomas Aquinas Statue

A new statue of St. Thomas Aquinas is being sculpted by Sylvia Nicolas, the artist that designed the stained-glass windows, the great Crucifix and the Stations of the Cross, the altar and the ambo (lectern) in St. Dominic Chapel.  There is no better placement for such a statue than in the areas between the new Ruane Center for the Humanities and the Phillips Memorial Library.

St. Thomas Statue with Joe Brum and Sylvia Nicholas, December 2012

Pictured Above: Joseph Brum, Special Assistant to the President, Development Projects and the artist Sylvia Nicolas

St. Thomas Aquinas, Angelic Doctor of the Church (1225-1274), is the great Dominican master of Catholic Philosophy and Theology and the patron of Catholic Schools. His Summa Theologiae remains one of the greatest, if not the greatest, achievements in theological synthesis in the Western Church.

In the original War Memorial Grotto, there was a two-foot marble statue of St. Thomas Aquinas. Unfortunately, repeated vandalism caused the retirement of that statue. The College campus required a new statue of St. Thomas Aquinas, of the quality of the bronze statues of St. Dominic and St. Martin de Porres.


Ruane: Nov 1, 2012
Ruane: Nov 1, 2012

10/23/202 - Ruane "Topping Off" Video

10/01/2012 - Ruane Construction update

9/20/2012 - Footings and foundations for the new Ruane Center are nearly completed.  In addition, all the underground utility rough-in has been completed and two of the four slab pours have been completed.  The project team has poured approximately 925 cubic yards of concrete so far.  The remaining two pours for the slab will be performed this week.  Beginning 9/24, the crane will be arriving on site to prepare for the first truckload of steel arriving on 9/25.  The steel skeleton of the building will take approximately three weeks to erect.

9/5/2012- Exhibit Honors Ruane's Contributions to PC

The Phillips Memorial Library is displaying an exhibit on the life and work of Board of Trustees Chair Michael A. Ruane '71 in recognition of his contributions to Providence College. Read More.

8/8/2012 -  Approximately 60% of the building's footings and foundations have been poured.  This phase of the construction should be wrapped up by the end of August.  The concrete slabs and all the underground utility conduits will be installed within the next 3-4 weeks.  Backfilling of the footings and foundations will be completed by the time the structural steel arrives in mid-September.  Steel erection is scheduled to begin during the third week of September.  Work has continued on final design elements. The weather has been with us to date.  Scheduled work is progressing at a good pace.

Ruane Concrete Footings Landscape

6/7/2012 - Ruane Center for the Humanities project officially kicks off with a ground breaking ceremony.

Read More

6/1/2012 - Construction has begun on 50 new parking spaces to replace those lost behind the library when excavation of the site begins.  This new parking area in front of Martin Hall is anticipated to be completed by June 11.

5/25/2012 - The utilities needed to support the Ruane Center for the Humanities have been completed and the Library Plaza and walkways from the Library to Harkins Hall have been restored.

10/27/2011- New Humanities Building to Acknowledge Ruanes' Gift. Read More

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