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Project Overview:

For the first time since the Phillips Memorial Library was opened in 1969, the roof of the building will be completely removed and replaced. The roof contains over 48,000 square feet of area and contains multiple layers of insulation, rubber membrane, and tons of small rock which has been ballast to hold the roof membrane in place. Due to continuing failure of the existing roof there has been water intrusion into the insulation system compromising its R value as well as water leaking into the building at 15 locations.

The contractor will remove the existing roof consisting of two layers of previously installed roof systems. The new roof system will be a fully adhered Fleece backed membrane, with bonded lightweight insulating concrete fill, and bonded expanded polystyrene insulation. The R rating for insulating value of this system will be between R21 and R25.

The project will be done in stages so that only a portion of the roof would be removed, then the new roof would be installed. This approach was designed to minimize risk to the contents of the building due to weather events and allow the library to remain in operation during this project.


John Sweeney
Senior Vice President
Finance and Business

Barbara Muriel
Senior Executive Assistant
Finance and Business

New Library Roof

Phillips Memorial Library Roof Replacement


10/1/2012- the 48,000 square foot roof was completely removed and replaced.  Multiple layers of insulation, rubber membrane and tons of small rock were removed and a new roof system was installed.  The new roof system is a fully adhered Fleece backed membrane with bonded lightweight insulating concrete fill and bonded expanded polystyrene insulation.

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