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Community Liaisons

​​ Community Liaisons are reflective practitioners who connect campus and community, facilitate student learning on service, and work for social change.

Community Liaison Role within the Feinstein Institute

  • Serve as the main point of contact between the PC service-learners, the community organization & site supervisors, faculty member(s), and the Assistant Director of the Feinstein Institute.
  • Offer faculty regular feedback about service-learners' participation and engagement on site
  • Facilitate three reflection sessions with service-learners throughout the course of the semester, connecting themes from service-learning courses with experiences on site
  • Offer feedback to the Institute regarding the partnership's strengths and areas of improvement
  • Staff and attend the Placement Meeting and Service-Learning Orientation each semester
  • Participate in weekly one-hour leadership meetings with the CL cohort

Community Liaison Role at the Community Partner

  • Coordinate and manage the PC service-learners' transportation to and from the site
  • Observe and supervise service-learners when they are at the community partner
  • Assist with on-site orientation for the PC service-learners during the first week of service
  • Schedule the PC service-learners' service hours at the site and keep track of their service-learning hours
  • Support the community partner in addition to the direct service done by service-learners (specifics depend on the partner, but may include attending special events, supporting administrative work, etc.)
  • Obtain a Rhode Island background check, if required by community partner

Qualifications/Prefere nces

  • At least a one semester commitment (one year preferred, pending mutual decision to renew)
  • Ability to commit to 6-10 hours per week: approximately 3-6 hours to the community partner (including lesson/activity planning) and approximately 3 hours to the Feinstein Institute (meetings, reflections, etc.)
  • Strong communication, collaboration, and organizational skills
  • Openness to working with people from diverse cultural, educational, and socioeconomic backgrounds
  • EITHER have had Public Service 101 OR significant community service experience and an understanding of topics such as democratic community, service-learning, and social justice
  • Willingness to become van certified or drive personal vehicle is preferred, but not required

Benefits to the Community Liaison

  • Participation in a learning community that focuses on leadership development, critical reflection, and professional skill-building
  • Cultivation of a professional network within the Providence non-profit or educational landscape
  • Enhanced understanding of self, leadership, service-learning, and civic engagement
  • Opportunities to build relationships with service-learning faculty
  • $500 tuition scholarship each semester
  • Potential to receive academic credit through an internship or independent study
  • Potential to receive funding through federal community work-study (must be eligible)

 Interested in Applying?

You can read more about the position here​ and download a CL application here​. Applications are due by Friday, April 7th at 4:30pm ​to Feinstein 402 or via email to Meg Griffiths, Assistant Director at​