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DWC Teams

Please see this spreadsheet to see what seminars are attached to which lecture.  Remember, when registering, you will need to enter both the CRN for the lecture as well as the CRN for the seminar at the same time.

Fall 2015​


​Course ​Faculty 1 ​Faculty 2 ​Faculty 3
​DWC 101 001 ​Dr. Erginbas ​Dr. Teague ​Fr. McCreesh, O.P.
​DWC 101 002 ​Dr. Rousseau ​Dr. Reeder Dr. Mahoney
​DWC 101 003 ​Dr. Andrews ​Dr. Hain Dr. J. Keating
​DWC 101 004 ​Dr. Grzebien
​Dr. Parks Dr. Prassas
​DWC 101 005 ​Dr. Dain
​Fr. Sabak, OFM TBA
​DWC 101 006 ​Fr. Vidmar, O.P.
​Dr. Pugh ​Dr. Parrott
​DWC 101 007
​Dr. Butera ​Dr. Parks Fr. Orique, O.P.
​DWC 101 008 Dr. Drogula Fr. Torchia, O.P. Dr. Urbano
​DWC 101 009 ​Dr. Cuddeback
​Dr. Parrott TBA
​DWC 101 010 Dr. S. Keating Dr. Greene​ ​Dr. King
​DWC 201 001 ​Dr. P. Breen
​Dr. Koelz ​Dr. Jensen
​DWC 201 002 ​Dr. P. Breen
Dr. Koelz
​Dr. P. Costello
DWC 201 003
​Dr. M. Reid ​Dr. O'Malley ​Dr. Bonney
​DWC 201 004 ​Dr. S. Murphy ​Dr. Nicholas Fr. Batts, O.P.​
​DWC 201 005
Dr. Mulderry
Dr. Arroyo​ Dr. Moffett​
​DWC 201 006 Dr. Abbruzzese Dr. Illuzzi​ TBA
​DWC 201 007 ​Dr. Jaundrill ​Dr. Valkeakari
​Dr. B. Boeninger
​DWC 201 008 ​Dr. McGoldrick ​Dr. Bowman TBA
DWC 201 009​ ​Dr. Harper ​Dr. W. Hogan ​Dr. Dillon
​DWC 201 010
Dr. Albrecht
Dr. Teague
​HON 101 001 Dr. Lynch
​Dr. Weimer ​Dr. Prassas
​HON 101 002 Dr. Hain
​Dr. Esolen ​Dr. Lawless
​HON 101 003 Dr. S. Smith
​Dr. Stretter ​Dr. P. Reid
​HON 201 001 ​Dr. Culpepper
​Dr. Sickinger ​TBA
​HON 201 002 ​Dr. Dowling ​Dr. Fournier ​Dr. O'Neill
​HON 201 003 ​Dr. Moffett ​Dr. Arroyo Dr. Mulderry​
​HON 201 004 ​Dr. DiNunzio ​Fr. Stokes

Spring 2016

​Course ​Faculty 1
​Faculty 2 ​Faculty 3
​DWC 102 001 ​Fr. Vidmar
Dr. Healey-Varley
Dr. Little
​DWC 102 002 ​Dr. Rousseau
​Dr. Reeder
​Dr. Mahoney
​DWC 102 003 ​Dr. MacFarlane
​Dr. Coolman Dr. Teague
​DWC 102 004 ​Dr. Levy
​Dr. Harper
Dr. Parrott
​DWC 102 005 ​Dr. Cuddeback
​Dr. Barry
Dr. Parks
​DWC 102 006 ​Dr. M. Reid
​Dr. O'Malley Dr. Bonney
​DWC 102 007 ​Dr. Butera
​Dr. Gondreau Dr. Orique
​DWC 102 008 ​Dr. Parks
​Dr. Erginbas ​Dr. O'Connor
​DWC 102 009 ​Dr. Grzebien Dr. Parrott
​Dr. Spezzano
​DWC 102 010 Dr. Andrews​ ​Dr. Albrecht Fr. Stokes
​DWC 202 C01 ​Dr. Lawless TBA

​DWC 202 C02 ​Dr. Bridgham
​Dr. Drogula
​DWC 202 C03

​DWC 202 C04 ​Dr. Teague
​Dr. Bowman
​DWC 202 C05 ​Dr. McGoldrick
Dr. Zalewski​
​DWC 202 C06
​DWC 202 C07 ​Fr. Orique, O.P.
​Dr. Zencirci
​DWC 202 C08 ​Dr. Cosgrove ​Dr. Moffett
​DWC 202 C09 ​Fr. Allard ​Dr. Costello
​DWC 202 C10 ​Dr. Dillon
​Dr. Illuzzi
​DWC 202 C11
​DWC 202 C12

​DWC 202 C13
​Dr. P. Kelly ​Dr. Mahoney
​DWC 202 C14
​Dr. Bailey ​Dr. Nicholas
​DWC 202 C15
​DWC 202 C16

​DWC 202 C17
​Dr. Deren ​Dr. Patel
​DWC 202 C18
Dr. Barry
​Dr. Gordon-Seifert
​DWC 202 C19
​Dr. S. Keating ​Dr. Erginbas
​DWC 202 C20
​Dr. Jaundrill
​Dr. Stretter
​DWC 202 C21 Dr. Kranz​ Dr. Mulcahy
​DWC 202 C22
Fr. Austriaco, O.P.​ ​Dr. King
​DWC 202 C23
Dr. P. Breen ​Dr. Hain
​DWC 202 C24
Dr. Hirsch​ ​Dr. Scanlan
​DWC 202 C25
​DWC 202 C26
Prof. Kraten​ Prof. Patenaude​
​DWC 202 C27 Dr. J. Keating​ Dr. Macfarlane​
​DWC 202 C28
​DWC 202 C29
Dr. Barry​ ​Dr. Guzman
​HON 102 001 ​Dr. Lynch
​Dr. Weimer ​Dr. Prassas
​HON 102 002 ​Dr. Hain
​Dr. Esolen ​Dr. Lawless
​HON 102 003
​Dr. S. Smith
​Dr. Stretter ​Dr. P. Reid
​HON 202 001 ​Dr. Sickinger ​Dr. S. Boeninger Dr. Culpepper
​HON 202 002
​Dr. Dowling ​Dr. Fournier ​Dr. O'Neill
​HON 202 003 ​Dr. Moffett ​Dr. Arroyo Dr. Mulderry​
​HON 202 004 ​Dr. DiNunzio ​Fr. Stokes


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