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DWC Teams

Fall 2014​


​Course ​Faculty 1 ​Faculty 2 ​Faculty 3
​DWC 101 001 ​Dr. J. Keating ​Dr. Macfarlane ​Dr. Parks
​DWC 101 002 ​Dr. Rousseau ​Dr. Hillier Dr. Mahoney
​DWC 101 003 ​Dr. Drogula ​Dr. Strasser Dr. Urbano
​DWC 101 004 ​Dr. Holland ​Dr. Parks Dr. Prassas
​DWC 101 005 ​Dr. S. Keating
​Dr. Hain ​Dr. Erginbas
​DWC 101 006 ​Fr. Vidmar, O.P.
​Dr. Pugh ​TBA
​DWC 101 007
​Dr. Butera ​Dr. Gondreau Fr. Orique, O.P.
​DWC 101 008 ​Fr. McCreesh, O.P. Dr. Albrecht TBA
​DWC 101 009 ​Dr. Grzebien
​Dr. Teague Dr. Dain
​DWC 101 010 Dr. Morgan​ Dr. Greene​
​DWC 201 001 ​Dr. P. Breen
​Dr. Koelz ​Dr. Jensen
​DWC 201 002 ​Dr. Abbruzzese
​Fr. Allard, O.P. ​Dr. Teague
DWC 201 003
​Dr. Cosgrove ​Dr. Quinlan ​Dr. McGoldrick
​DWC 201 004 ​Dr. Johnson ​Dr. Nicholas Fr. Batts, O.P.​
​DWC 201 005
Dr. Jaundrill
Dr. Valkeakari​ Dr. B. Boeninger​
​DWC 201 006 Dr. Dowling​ Dr. Shargel​ Dr. Bowman
​DWC 201 007 ​Dr. S. Murphy ​Dr. Bridgham
​Dr. Firenze
​DWC 201 008 ​Dr. M. Reid ​Dr. O'Malley Dr. Bonney
DWC 201 009​ ​Dr. Illuzzi ​Dr. W. Hogan ​Dr. Dillon
​DWC 201 010
Dr. Yost
​HON 101 001 Dr. Lynch
​Dr. Morgan ​Dr. Andrews
​HON 101 002 Dr. Hain
​Dr. Esolen ​Dr. Lawless
​HON 101 003 Dr. Prassas
​Dr. Weimer ​Dr. Reeder
​HON 201 001 ​Dr. Fournier
​Dr. Sickinger ​Fr. Hindsley
​HON 201 002 ​Dr. Carlson ​Dr. Manchester ​Dr. S. Boeninger
​HON 201 003 ​Dr. Culpepper ​Dr. Bennett Dr. Mulderry​
​HON 201 004 ​Dr. DiNunzio

Spring 2015

​Course ​Faculty 1
​Faculty 2 ​Faculty 3
​DWC 102 001 ​Dr. B. Boeninger
Fr. Reisenauer, O.P.
Dr. Parrott
​DWC 102 002 ​Dr. Rousseau
​Dr. Hillier
​Dr. Albrecht
​DWC 102 003 ​Fr. Vidmar, O.P.
​Dr. Teague Dr. Firenze
​DWC 102 004 ​Dr. McCaffrey
​Dr. Parks Dr. Bowman
​DWC 102 005 ​Dr. Grzebien
​Dr. P. Reid
Dr. Parrott
​DWC 102 006 ​Dr. O'Malley ​Dr. Neilson Dr. Coolman
​DWC 102 007 ​Dr. Parks ​Dr. Erginbas Fr. O'Connor, O.P.
​DWC 102 008 ​Dr. Healy-Varley
​Dr. Butera ​Dr. Barry
​DWC 102 009 ​Dr. Levy ​TBA ​Dr. S. Smith
​DWC 102 010 Dr. Holland​ ​Dr. Swift TBA​
​DWC 202 C01 ​Dr. Bailey Dr. Nicholas

​DWC 202 C02 ​Dr. Dillon
​Dr. Illuzzi
​DWC 202 C03 ​Fr. Allard, O.P.
​Dr. Costello
​DWC 202 C04 ​Dr. Teague
​Dr. Firenze
​DWC 202 C05 ​Dr. Bird ​Dr. McGoldrick
​DWC 202 C06 ​Dr.  Cammarano ​Dr. Lawson
​DWC 202 C07 ​Dr. Greene ​Dr. Jensen
​DWC 202 C08 ​Dr. Morgan ​Dr. Sickinger
​DWC 202 C09 ​Dr. Hirsch ​Dr. Scanlan
​DWC 202 C10 ​Dr. P. Breen
​Dr. Hain
​DWC 202 C11 ​Dr. Andrews ​Dr. S. Boeninger
​DWC 202 C12
​Dr. Bridgham ​Dr. Drogula
​DWC 202 C13
​Dr. Morgan ​Dr. Mulderry
​DWC 202 C14
​Dr. Bennett ​Dr. J. Johnson
​DWC 202 C15
​Dr. Esolen ​Dr. Hain
​DWC 202 C16 Dr. J. Keating ​Dr. Macfarlane
​DWC 202 C17
​Dr. Mahoney ​Dr. Maxfield
​DWC 202 C18
​Fr. Orique, O.P.
​Dr. Simal
​DWC 202 C19
​Dr. Manchester ​Dr. Valkeakari
​DWC 202 C20
​Dr. Bonney
​Dr. M. Reid
​DWC 202 C21 Dr. Kraten​ ​TBA
​DWC 202 C22
Dr. Illuzzi​ ​Dr. Ruggieri
​DWC 202 C23
Dr. Camp​ ​Dr. Olszewski
​DWC 202 C24
Dr. Barry​ ​Dr. Guzman
​HON 102 001 ​Dr. Lynch
​Dr. Andrews ​Dr. MacFarlane
​HON 102 002 ​Dr. Hain
​Dr. Esolen ​Dr. Holland
​HON 102 003
​Dr. Prassas
​Dr. Weimer ​Dr. Reeder
​HON 202 001 ​Dr. Dowling ​Dr. Fournier Rev. Stokes
​HON 202 002
​Dr. Carlson ​Dr. S. Boeninger ​Dr. J. Johnson
​HON 202 003 ​Dr. Culpepper ​Dr. Bennett Dr. Mulderry​
​HON 202 004 ​Dr. DiNunzio


Catholic and Dominican

What does it mean to be a Catholic and Dominican college? We invite you to explore this question and the distinctive mission of Providence College.
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