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Undergraduate Research Grant Awards

​​​​​​​The following is a listing of grants awarded to students through the Undergraduate Research Grant Program for the 2011-12 academic year.​​​

​Recipient​Faculty Mentor​Academic Discipline​Project Title
Karen Babbitt '12​Elisabeth Arevalo​Biology​Who is Next in Line for the Throne?:  Genetic Conflict and Social Behavior of Polistes Wasps
​Douglas Biancur '13​Elisabeth Arevalo​Biology​Microscopic Analysis of the Paper Wasp
​Christopher Brennan '13 ​Brett Pellock​Biology​Characterization of Shewanella oneidensisi Hfq
​Robert Bretz '12​Stephen Mecca​E-P-S​Blackwater Purification System Analysis 
​Eileen Colliton '13 and Luke Sejkora '13​Jay Pike​Biology & Biochemistry​Small-molecule Regulation of Base Excision Repair Mechanism
​Elise Costello '12​Eric Sung​Art/Studio Art​Motion Studies
​Megan Costello '12​Eric Sung​Art/Photography​Stories From The Streets
​Emily Croke '12​Mary O'Keeffe​Psychology​The Influence of Creative Media on the Perception of Risk Regarding Medical Error
​Grace Cullen '13​Jay Pike​Chemistry​Small-molecule Regulation of Base Excision Repair Mechanism
​Christina D'Angelo '12​Kevin O'ConnorSecondary ​Education​Pre-Service Teachers' Perceptions of Middle School Students
​Moira Farrell '12​​Elisabeth Arevalo​Biology​Who's Next in Line to the Throne and How Can Moira Become the Genetic Analyzer Queen
​Valerie Ferdon '12​John Scanlan​EnglishP​otter Steward:  A Biography
​Francesgrace Ferland '12​Russell Hillier​English​'Mend My Rime,' George Herbert's Poetics
​Matthew Keaveney '12​Darra Mulderry ​History​Dissecting Vivisections:  Understanding the Persons and Motives Behind a Divisive Issue
​Daniel Kowalsky '12​Charles Toth​Biology​Regulation of NF-kB Expression During Hematopoietic Specification in Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
​Eliza Mandzik '13​T.J. Harper​Music​Fostering Choral and Solo Singing:  A Comparative and Cooperative Approach
​Colleen McInnis '12​Jennifer Van Reet​Psychology​The Cognitive Representation of Pretense versus Fantasy
​Anne Marie McLean '12​Russell Hillier​English​A Thematic Examination of Cormac McCarthy in relation to Ernest Hemingway and William Faulkner
​Sarah McPartlon '12​Mary O'Keeffe​PsychologyHPV Vaccine Acceptance Amongst Providence College Male Students​
​Elizabeth Moore '12​Jeffrey Pugh​Political Science/Spanish​An Examination of the Implementation of OAS Recommendations and Legislation in the Western Hemisphere
​Michael Murphy '12​Rev. Nicanor Austriaco​Biology​The role of Sulforaphane in the program cell death in yeast cells
​Melanie Muto '12​Alexander Moffett​English​Darwinist and Social Darwinist Theory in the Novels and Writings of H.G. Wells
​Caroline O'Shea '12​Bruce Graver​English​"The Galway Rambler":  Antoine O Raifteiri and the Roots of Irish Cultural Identity
​Ashwin Paudel '13​Stephen Mecca​E-P-S​Modeling the process of aerobic digestion that utilizes multiple organisms in a closed system
​Melanie Pavao '12​Bruce Graver​English​An Examination of Stoic Emotion in Tennyson's In Memoriam
​Taylor Remillard '12​Kathleen Cornely​Chemistry​Isolation and purification of the anti-apoptotic Bax-Inhibitor 1 protein from yeast
​Nicole Sassu '13​Jay Pike​Chemistry​Small Molecule Induced Regulation of the DNA Base Excision Repair Mechanism
​Thomas Thrift '13​Kevin O'Connor​Psychology​The Relationship Between College Students' Mental Health and Counseling Center Use
​Alison Trainor '12​Kenneth Overly ​Chemistry​Asymmetric Epoxidation of Alkenes using Organic Catalysts
​Janelle Vultaggio '13​David Baier​Biology​Variations in humeral morphology of birds (Variations in the wing bones of birds)