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2012-13 Undergraduate Research Award Grants

NameMajorMentorProject Title
Annish Agrawal '15Engineering-Physics-SystemsStephen MeccaMicroflush Valve Production Prototype
​Monica Broughton ’13​Psychology​Mary O'Keeffe​The Effects of Emotion and Message Framing on College Binge Drinking
​Jocelyn Bouchard ’14​Biology​Kenneth Overly​Syntheses of a Camphor Derived Ketones for the Asymmetric Epoxidation of Alkenes
​David Calianese '14​Biology​Yinsheng Wan​Up-regulated Catalase Induces ROS Neutralization and Cell Aggression in Malignant Melanoma
​Garrett Cammarata ’14​Biology​Yinsheng Wan​Vimentin Protects Against Arsenite-Induced ER Stress in Human Skin Melanoma Cells
​Richard Cimini ’13​Biology ​Maia Bailey​Genetic Diversity in Small Populations of Purple Loosestrife, Lythrum Salicaria
Thomas Cody ’13​English​Russell Hillier​Cormac McCarthy Independent Study
​Jennifer Cyr ’15​Biology​Elisabeth Arevalo​Relatedness, Parentage, and Queen Replacement in the Paper Wasps of the Genus Polistes
​Ruth Donaghey ’13​Global Studies​Thomas King​The Environment / My Environment:  Photographic Explorations
​Anne Fast ’13​Psychology​Jennifer Van Reet​The Status of Moral Reasoning in Children's Understanding of the Pretense-Reality Distinction
​Jennifer Giulietti ’15​Biology & Chemistry​Seann Mulcahy​Preparation of Oxazolidinones as Chiral Auxiliaries for Alkynes
​Kaitlin Hill ’15​Pre-Engineering-Physics-Systems​Stephen Mecca​Sustainable Design of a User Interface, Handwash Accessories and Facility Enclosure for a Locally Fabricated Model
​Jessica Ho ’14​Studio Art​Eric Sung​What Motivates Us?
​Emily Labattaglia ’15​Engineering-Physics-Systems​Stephen Mecca ​The Study of the Impacts of Installation Density Scenarios of Microflush Toilets
​Christina Lavigne ’13​Psychology​Jennifer Van Reet​The Relationship between Anxiety and Inhibitory Control in Children
​Patrick Magunga ’14​Biochemistry​Kenneth Overly​Synthesis of the Library of Racemic Epoxides from Various Alkenes
​Lynnzie Marinaccio ’13​Global Studies & Spanish​Kara Cebulko​Visualizing Language Learning: Narration through a Lens
​Ryan Post ’14​Biology & Psychology​Christopher Bloom​The Effect of Amygdala Lesions on the Discriminated Conditioned Punishment Model of Phobia
​Andrew Shoemaker ’14​Engineering-Physics-Systems​Stephen Mecca​Facility and Appendix Components for the Microflush Toilet
​Megan Skrypek '15​Pre-Engineering-Physics-Systems​Kenneth Overly​Syntheses of Enamines for the Use of Catalyzing the Asymmetric Epoxidation of Alkenes
​Stacy Thomas ’14​Biochemistry & Biology​Seann Mulcahy​Synthesis of an Intramolecular Diels-Alder Adduct for the Synthesis of Chiral Ketones
​​Jonathan Varelas ’15​Chemistry​Seann Mulcahy ​Organic Synthesis of Novel Cyclic Molecular Structures and Corresponding Biological Activity
Christine Williams ’13Biology​Kenneth Overly​Syntheses of a Catalyst for the Asymmetric Epoxidation of Alkenes