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Heather Allcock


Photo of faculty memberAssistant Professor

Contact Information:
Harkins Hall 315


Ph.D. - Special Education University of Maryland

Brief Biography:

Dr. Heather Allcock is an Assistant Professor of education. Dr. Allcock has been teaching at the collegiate level since 2000. Dr. Allcock’s research experience includes using quantitative, qualitative and single case research. She has presented nationally numerous times for TASH, Council for Exceptional Children (CEC), the Teacher Education Division of CEC and recently was invited to speak to policy makers on Capitol Hill about research needed to further access of the general education curriculum for students with significant disabilities. She is an active member of TASH’s Inclusive Education committee and has been an invited expert for the National Council on Disability.

Area(s) of Expertise:

Inclusive education, designing inclusive experiences for students with autism spectrum disabilities and students with complex needs, development of classroom management skills in pre-service teachers and newly inducted teachers; teacher preparation for inclusive education, using multi-tiered systems of support to transform school practices, alternate assessment practices for students with developmental disabilities

Awards and Honors:

Summer Scholar Award - School of Professional Studies
Summer Scholar Award - School of Professional Studies

Selected Publications:

Morningstar, Mary., Allcock, Heather., White, Julia., Taub, Debbie., Kurth, Jennifer., Gonsier-Gerdin, Jean., Sauer, Janet., Jorgensen, Cheryl. (2016). Inclusive Education National Research Advocacy Agenda: A Call to Action. Research and Practice in Severe Disabilities, Sage Journals.

Ruppar, Andrea., Allcock, Heather., Gonsier-Gerdin, Jean. (2016). Ecological Factors Affecting Access to General Education Content and Contexts for Students With Significant Disabilities. Remedial and Special Education, Sage Journals.

Ryndak, Diane., Taub, Debbie., Jorgensen, Cheryl., Gonsier-Gerdin, Jean., Arndt, Katrina., Sauer, Janet., Ruppar, Andrea., Morningstar, Mary., Allcock, Heather. (2014). Policy and the Impact on Placement, Involvement, and Progress in General Education Critical Issues That Require Rectification. Research and Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities39 (1), 65–74. SAGE Publications.

Recent Presentations:

Gonsier-Gerdin, Jean., Allcock, Heather., TASH National Conference, The Association for Persons with Severe Disabilities, St. Louis, MO, "Access to General Education Content and Context for Students with SIgnificant Disabilities". December, 2016.

Kurth, Jenny., Allcock, Heather., Morningstar, Mary., TASH National Conference, The Association for Persons with Severe Disabilities, St. Louis, MO, "Transforming Teacher Education Courses To Support Inclusion Specialists: Evaluating Effectiveness". December, 2016.

Allcock, Heather., Morningstar, Mary., AERA National Convention, American Education Research Association, Washington DC, "Inclusive Education National Research Agenca: A Call to Action". April, 2016.

Allcock, Heather., Callahan, Jane., Teacher Education Division (TED Conference), Council for Exceptional Children, Tempe, Arizona, "First Year Field Experience: Fostering Cultural Diversity Awareness for Pre service Teachers". November, 2015.

Allcock, Heather., TASH: Annual Conference, Washington, DC, "Moderator: Shape the Research Agenda for the Next Several Years". December, 2014.

Allcock, Heather., Council for Exceptional Children Teacher Education Division, Indianapolis, IN, "Paper: Preparing Pre Service Educators to Teach Students with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities in Inclusive Classrooms". November, 2014.

Allcock, Heather., American Association of Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities, Orlando, FL, "Poster: Self-advocacy Curriculum: Creating the Change from Within". June, 2014.

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