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​​​​​​​​​​​SCE Course Registration​


Winter session courses are permitted for make up or academic supplement, and are not intended to advance your status. You remain bound by the College's graduation requirement of 8 semesters of full-time study (this requirement varies for transfer students). It is strongly recommended that you arrange for winter session course approval and registration as soon as possible, but certainly prior to your departure for winter break.

Approved Course Listing: If you are taking a Providence College winter session course, you must select the course from those listed below.  It is expected that you fully understand how the course will fit into your program of study and meet your degree requirements.

Approval from Academic Class Dean: Once you have identified a winter session course you would like to take, please schedule a meeting with your class dean by calling 401.865.2495, 401.865.2496, or simply come to the Dean's Office in Harkins 213 to schedule a meeting. Your class dean will review your academic progress and grant formal course approval.

Academic Class Deans:
Seniors: Dean Godin
Juniors: Dean Gemma
Sophomores: Dean Ray
Freshmen: Dean Ingram

Pre-Registration and Payment: When meeting with your class dean, you will complete the Course Approval Form. You CANNOT register in CyberFriar for winter session. Payment or proof of payment for the course ($1050) is due at the time of pre-registration. Online courses have an additional fee of $70.  You must submit your course approval form and payment directly to the School of Continuing Education (SCE) in Harkins 109. Pre-registrations will be processed in the order in which they are received by the SCE and will not be recorded in Cyberfriar until Monday, November 20th.​​

​​2018 winter session.pdf

SPRING SCE REGISTRATION 2018 - Juniors & Seniors

 Juniors and Seniors are are permitted to take one SCE course each semester as part of your full-time course load. This is an elective option only—you are not required to include an SCE course in your spring schedule.

Registration in SCE courses is very limited; typically only 3-5 seats are available per course for day school (UG) students. It is especially competitive to register for a core requirement. Please take note of the risk of dropping a day school (i.e., "U" in CyberFriar) course from your current spring schedule hoping to register for an SCE course: if you are not successful in registering for the SCE course, there is a likelihood that you will not regain your seat in the day course that you dropped.

The registration process is outlined below.

Spring 2018​ CyberFriar Registration Dates/Times

SeniorsNovember 209:00AM
JuniorsNovember 219:00AM

You must review the Dean's Office "SCE Approved Course List," found  below. The Approved Course List indicates whether the Day School will accept the SCE course and how it will be applied to your program of study (core; major; elective). Pay close attention to core courses; please don't confuse the SCE Core with the Day School UG Core. If you see a course in CyberFriar that is NOT on the approved list, you CANNOT take this course! You are responsible for ensuring that the course that you register for will count toward your degree requirements.

ALT PIN: You must register in CyberFriar using the "ALT PIN" that was issued to you for spring registration. If you do not remember your ALT PIN, contact Enrollment Services at 401.865.1033.

CRN - Course Registration Number: You will register in CyberFriar using the CRNs found on the approved course list. SCE courses that are approved for (UG) day students have the designation of "U" in the section area. Example: SOC 305 U01. if you attempt to register with the "crn" reserved for sce students, you will be blocked from registration.

ONLY 1 SCE COURSE PER SEMESTER: Please do NOT register for more than 1 SCE course, because the Dean's Office will remove you from the 2nd course.

OVER-ENROLLMENT: If the course is closed, you may request permission to over-enroll by completing the SCE over-enrollment form found on the SCE website.  This form is to be submitted to the School of Continuing Education in Harkins 109. Please DO NOT contact the SCE professor for over-enrollment. Decisions regarding over-enrollment will not be made until the first week of classes. Thus, the closed SCE course should be your "plan B," and seniors, in particular, should make every attempt to find day school courses rather than take a chance with SCE over-enrollment.

Late Course Additions: P​HL 306 Business Ethics has been added to the winter offerings.

Spring 2018 SCE Approved Course List for Day Undergraduates.pdf