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Teaching Award Selection Committee 2014-2015

Susan Skawinski, Chair, Elementary/Special Education 
Fred Drogula, History
Chard deNiord, English
Laurie Grupp, Elementary/Special Education, Center for Teaching Excellence (ex officio)
Charles Toth,  Biology, Faculty Senate Appointee

Student Member(s)​:
Leslie Raygoza, '16
Rilwan Ilumoka, '16

Teaching Award Process and Criteria​​​​

Center for Teaching Excellence
Feinstein Academic Center, Room 303
1 Cunningham Square
Providence, R.I. 02918

(401) 865-1340

The Joseph R. Accinno Teaching Award

The Joseph R. Accinno Faculty Teaching Award is presented annually to the faculty member who best exhibits excellence in teaching, passion and enthusiasm for learning, and genuine concern for students' academic and personal growth. Faculty who have received tenure and are scheduled to teach during the spring 2015 semester are eligible for the award. The award program is administered by the Center for Teaching Excellence and the Teaching Award Selection Committee (TASC). The recipient receives a cash stipend, is formally acknowledged at the College's Academic Convocation in September, and has his or her name inscribed on a plaque that is permanently displayed in Phillips Memorial Library.

Teaching Award Recipient, 2013-14
Dr. Fred K. Droguladr. fred drogula, history


"It is important to me that students understand why they are taking a class, so they can identify and pursue their goals. In every class I teach, I tell my students that I am offering them three different things: facts, skills, and understanding. I warn them that these components of knowledge are progressively difficult to obtain—facts can be acquired through simple memorization, but the skills of critical reading, writing, speaking, and thinking require intense effort, practice, and review. Finally, a deeper understanding of humanity and its nature, and of the fundamental events and ideas that drive the evolution of a society, can only be obtained through long reflection and profound thought. I warn my students, however, that I cannot simply ‘give’ them any of this knowledge—they must earn it for themselves through effort and discipline. I see myself as a partner and co-laborer with my students; we work together to reach their goals and to expand their knowledge and intellectual skills. I show my students the path to their educational objectives, I try to motivate and inspire them to reach their goals, and I offer them every type of assistance to overcome the challenges in their way, but ultimately I expect them to put in the time and effort to get where they want to go." 


To read the full article on Dr. Drogula and his achievements, please visit the PC News webpage.


Please join us in congratulating Dr. Drogula on this prestigious honor.

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