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Interdisciplinary Faculty Seminar

2012: Blood

Seminar Participants:

Joan Branham (Seminar Coordinator), Art and Art  History
"Building for Blood: Sacrifice, gender, and Architecture in Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity"

Kathleen Cornely, Chemistry and Biochemistry
"The Role of Hemoglobin in Health and Disease"

Chard deNiord, English
"The Blood That Runs Through American Poetry"

Ian Christopher Levy, Theology
"The Blood of Christ: Sacrifice and Authority in the Late Medieval Church"

Patrick Macfarlane, Philosophy
"Blood in Ancient Greek Medical and Philosophical Texts"

Jane Lunin Perel, English and Women’s Studies
"Red Radio Heart: Blood Within Poetic Imaginations: The Physical and the Symbolic, the Sacred and
the Profane"

Charles Toth, Biology
"The Promise of Stem Cell Derived Blood Cells for Regenerative Medicine"

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