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PC School of Continuing Education Me

How PC Makes It Possible

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We understand the challenges adult students face. We also know how to help our students overcome them so that they can achieve their goals.  Nothing provides better proof of that than the inspiring stories of our students and alumni.  

Here are just some of those stories from recent SCE grads, along with helpful insights and resources to help you discover how PC can make it possible for you, too – all the many ways that PC SCE truly is the “School of Continuing Me.”​


Jared Dodge, Boston, MA - '16SCE, BA Liberal Studies

“When you start something new you have so much anxiety. You’re nervous, you’re uncomfortable, but what I’ve come to learn is that when you have that discomfort that’s when you’re growing the most. That was my biggest challenge, worrying did I have enough time, enough money, am I going to do well. But I’ve learned to use that feeling of being uncomfortable and just do what it takes to conquer all the smaller challenges one by one. 

I took classes in the fall and spring, as well as five classes the next summer, so I was able to finish earlier than expected. I’m thankful for that now because it has allowed me to focus my time on taking my graduate admissions exams, taking pre-requisite courses for my master’s degree and applying for internships. When I first started back at PC, grad school wasn’t even on my mind but now I’m looking for that uncomfortable feeling again.”  Read Jared's full story here: Sometimes Taking a Step Backward is the Best Way to Move Forward: Advice from a Recent Night School Grad​​


Jenny Amaral, East Providence, RI – ‘17SCE, BA Liberal Studies

“How has Providence College made it possible for me to earn a degree? Oh,​ let me count the ways! But mostly, it has been  the endless support I have received from the PC community – from the administration, to the faculty, and to my fellow students and friends. I feel truly blessed to be part of a family who I feel a strong sense of belonging to, and where I can always reach out to for inspiration and guidance. I hope to use the knowledge I’ve gained from PC to pursue a career in wellness in  mind, heart and body through yoga,​ and to inspire others to follow their passions – helping to make their dreams a reality. ​​


How PC Makes It Possible: Transfer Friendly & Credit for Life Experience 

You’re ready to get that degree, but concerned about the cost and time commitment to get there. 

Our generous transfer policy and credit for life experience is just one way PC makes it possible.​ ​

Here’s how it works…​


Clara Carvajal, Colombian Native Now Living in RI – ‘17SCE, BA Liberal Studies

“Going back to school was a long time dream that became a reality when I moved to Rhode Island.  After learning about PC’s School of Continuing Education, this dream was within my reach.  ​I am now so proud to be receiving my diploma on Commencement day this May. The first time that I set foot into the SCE office, the feeling of anticipation was overwhelming. After obtaining my Associate’s Degree, and having been out of school for more than twenty years, I did not know what to expect. The initial meeting was perfect.  Upon leaving the office, I had already planned my courses and was on my way to becoming a Friar at Providence College. A new future was ahead of me and I was so excited to begin. After graduation I will be facing a new challenge, searching for a position where I would welcome the opportunity to contribute my skills and passion in the Clinical Research or health care field.”​


How PC Makes It Possible: More Affordable Than Many State Schools

Many adult students mistakenly assume that because PC is a private school, our School of Continuing Education must be expensive. 

In fact, SCE is more affordable than many state schools. 

Here’s what you need to know…​​


Robert Gianfrancesco, North Smithfield, RI – ‘17SCE, BA Liberal Studies

“In addition to being an electrician and owner of Alternative Clean Energy Solar Store, I teach electrical technology at Providence Career and Technical Academy. Because I’m a public school teacher I had to get my bachelors degree to keep my job as a teacher. SCE took into consideration all of my education when other schools did not want to even think about giving me credit until I reached a predetermined number of credits from their institution. Providence College made me feel like family from the beginning. All my teachers cared about my success and about me personally. The combination of these two reasons made it very easy to succeed and finish my degree. Also, SCE classes are actually cheaper than state schools after the extra fees are added on. Honestly after the first semester at PC I could not imagine getting a degree from anywhere else. I can only hope my son wants to be a Friar when it is his turn to go to college. After my own graduation, I am interested in teaching at the next level if a local college has an opening.“​



​How PC Makes It Possible: Financial Aid for Adult Students in Six Easy Steps

YES! Financial aid is available to adult students continuing their education. Applying can be done online in six easy steps and our 

financial aid counselors are always here to help.

This helpful infographic shows you how...  ​


Jannet Sanchez, Central Falls, RI – ‘17SCE, BA Social Science

“The SCE program at PC made it possible for me to (finally) earn my degree thanks to the affordability of the courses and flexibility of schedule.  Additionally, the incredible resourcefulness and support of Jennifer Andrews, the SCE's academic advisor, along with the help and responsiveness of Dean Castleman and the SCE's administrative staff made for a very smooth transition.  They were all crucial to my success here. The classes offered were of great interest to me as well.  Once I started, I immediately noticed the level of difficulty within the course work compared to previous schools I had attended, along with the refreshing enthusiasm of its professors.  (Professor Paul Bruno, Charles Bonner, Tod Mele, Neil Kelly, Matthew Cuddeback, Patricia Raub, Jessica Geier, Joseph Carroll, Alexander DiPippo, Richard Kless, Matthew Dowling, Christopher Arroyo and Donald Kilguss, to name a few). This challenged me and made me much more interested and engaged in my classes as a result. Sparking a small fire in me, I was able stretch myself intellectually while also being humbled, remembering what this journey was all for: to better myself and to grow as a person.”​


How PC Makes It Possible: Flexible Schedules and Online Classes​

Finding the time to go back to school is a common concern for adult students, but our flexible scheduling and online classes make it easier for you to complete your coursework on a timeline that works best for you. Taking a summer class or two is an excellent way to get started. 
We’ve got two 5-week summer sessions to choose from, plus more than 30 10-week online classes.

Explore on-campus and online summer classes now… 




Donna Sowden, Scituate, RI – ‘17SCE, BA, Liberal Studies, ‘13SCE AA, Liberal Studies

“I started out slowly - taking one class while raising my son and working full time, to
gradually being confident enough to take two or three classes a semester. I never
gave up. PC is a place where you find the strength to be what you want to be. I truly
feel that 
the faculty and staff have walked beside me as I’ve worked my way through
this journey and PC SCE allowed me the flexibility to take courses 
at my own pace.
I am fortunate to have a job that I love right now, and it falls in line with the
social science classes that I’ve taken, but once 
I take a little break, I hope to go to
graduate school and earn an MBA.”



Seven Ways to Afford the Degree You’ve Always Wanted

For many adults who dream of earning a college degree, paying for school can
seem like a daunting obstacle. The truth is it doesn’t have to. There are many
resources available to help you pay for the education you need today so that
you can achieve the goals you’ve set for your future.

Find out how…


Lauren J. Reilly, Millville, MA – ‘17SCE, BA Liberal Studies

“I first graduated from PC SCE in May of 1995 with my Associates in Science degree (Paralegal Studies with certificate). Like many of my peers, I left work at the law firm to be a stay at home mother to my two boys.  This also meant that I would delay my education. I waited until my sons were in high school to return to college to get my Bachelor's degree.  I returned to PC SCE in 2014 and I'm thrilled to say I will graduate this May! PC’s School of Continuing Education made this possible in a variety of ways. I love the wide range of classes offered in the evenings, as it allows me to work full-time during the day and take classes at night. The professors are knowledgeable, supportive, and some of the most interesting people I have met. I have had the best class discussions in my SCE classes, since they have students from many generations.  We learn from each other's experiences and appreciate one another's point of view, even if it differs from our own. I love the liberal arts, since it allows me to truly be well-rounded in my studies. I have a new appreciation for Philosophy, as it reminds me of debating in my law classes. Lastly, Providence College has a reputation for educational excellence and I am truly proud to be graduating with a PC degree this May!”​

Looking for more inspiration? Check out these alumni profiles and see how a PC SCE education has helped them to achieve their goals…

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