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All students are required to submit a complete program evaluation. The Center for International Studies will forward your study abroad transcript to the Office of Enrollment Services only after we have received your evaluation.

Due to the length of the form, the web page may "time-out" if the form has not been submitted after 1 hour. We encourage students to fill out some, if not all, of the lengthy answers in a Word file and then copy and paste the responses in the fields below to ensure that you work is not lost.

Note: This is a formal document, used by various offices to improve future programming and is also made available for prospective students to read. Please be candid and thoughtful, but constructive, in your comments and refrain from using foul language and sarcasm. If you have particular concerns, we encourage you to make an appointment to discuss it with your advisor in the Center for International Studies.


*IMPORTANT* We have identified a compatibility issue with Internet Explorer 11 and our web forms. This issue is specifically with IE11.
If you are using Internet Explorer 11, please do ONE of the following:

1. Download and install an alternative web browser to fill in and complete your form- we recommend Google Chrome.


2. Verify that you are using IE11 and then set it to run in compatibility view mode. We've put together a quick video that shows you how to complete this easy process. The step-by-step instructions are also available below.

Instructions for IE11 compatibility mode

  1. Identify if you actually have IE11. To do this, launch Internet Explorer and along the top menu bar select "Help". Then click on  "About Internet Explorer". The pop up screen will indicate which version of IE you have installed.
  2. Use your browser to surf to the form in question on
  3. Move your cursor over to the tools menu- it looks like a little gear at the top right corner of your browser window. If you hover over it, it will say "Tools". Click on it.
    A drop-down menu will appear. Please select "Compatibility View Settings".
  4. should appear in the "Add This Website" box. Just click the add button and then close. You are now good to go!

​Note: If you cannot see the form and are receiving an error that reads "This form is closed" please clear the cache and cookies from your browser (check here for instructions: This form is optimized for Internet Explorer 8+.

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