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Paul Czech


Photo of faculty memberProfessor
Department Chairperson, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Contact Information:
Sowa Hall 238


Ph.D. - University of Wisconsin, Madison

Area(s) of Expertise:

Inorganic and Physical Chemistry

Selected Publications:

Son, Seung., Reingold, Jeffrey., Carpenter, Gene., Czech, Paul., Sweigart, Dwight. (2006). Charge-Assisted Hydrogen Bonding and Other Noncovalent Interactions in the Self-Assembly of the Organometallic Building Block [(η6-hydroquinone)Rh(P(OPh)3)2]+ with a Range of Counteranions.

Reingold, Jeffrey., Virkaitis, Kurtis., Carpenter, Gene., Sun, Shouheng., Sweigart, Dwight., Czech, Paul., Overly, Kenneth. (2005). Chemical and Electrochemical Reduction of Polyarene Manganese Tricarbonyl Cations:  Hapticity Changes and Generation of Syn- and Anti-Facial Bimetallic η4,η6-Naphthalene Complexes.

Czech, Paul., Li, Huazhi., Yu, Kunquan., Watson, Eric., D'Acchioli, Jason., Carpenter, Gene., Sweigart, Dwight., Overly, Kenneth., Coughlin, Fred. (2002). Models for Deep Hydrodesulfurization of Alkylated Benzothiophenes. Reductive Cleavage of C−S Bonds Mediated by Precoordination of Manganese Tricarbonyl to the Carbocyclic Ring.

Czech, Paul., Zhang, Xiao., Yu, Kunquan., Carpenter, Gene., Sweigart, Dwight., D'Acchioli, Jason. (2000). η2-Binding of Styrenes to Pt(PPh3)2. The Effect of Precoordination of Manganese Tricarbonyl Cation to the Aromatic Ring.