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Christopher Laperle


Photo of faculty memberAssociate Professor

Contact Information:
Albertus Magnus Hall 318A


Ph.D. - University of California, San Diego

Area(s) of Expertise:

Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics, Kinetics and Quantum Mechanics

Awards and Honors:

Single Investigator Cottrell College Science Award - Research Corporation for Scientific Advancement

Selected Publications:

Devanny, Alexander., Baryiames, Christopher., Laperle, Christopher. (2015). FTIR investigation of the equilibrium structure of osmium pentacarbonyl in alcohol solvents.

Chase, Hilary., McDonough, Thomas., Overly, Kenneth., Laperle, Christopher. (2013). Combined 1H NMR and DFT Study of the Solvent Effects on the Iron Pentacarbonyl-Catalyzed Photo-Assisted Isomerization of Allyl Alcohol. Wiley.

Lunny, Elizabeth., Laperle, Christopher. (2012). FTIR and DFT-D investigation of the structure of ruthenium pentacarbonyl in small alcohol solvents. Elsevier.

Ahr, Brian., Chollet, Matthieu., Adams, Bernhard., Lunny, Elizabeth., Laperle, Christopher., Rose-Petruck, Christoph. (2011). Picosecond x-ray absorption measurements of the ligand substitution dynamics of Fe(CO)5 in ethanol. RSC.

Lunny, Elizabeth., Belec, Lindsay., McDonough, Thomas., Armatas, N. Gabriel., Laperle, Christopher. (2011). Solvent induced structural dynamics of ruthenium pentacarbonyl in benzene. Elsevier.

Recent Presentations:

Laperle, Christopher., American Chemical Society, Dallas, TX, "Poster: Solution dynamics of osmium pentacarbonyl in alcohol solvents". March, 2014.