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 Questions About the Mentor Program?
Stacey Moulton
Associate Director, Career Education

PC Executive Mentor Program

The Providence College Executive Mentor Program helps to develop a strong connection between PC students and successful business and community leaders. During the mentorship, students are provided with opportunities for educational and career development as well as insight into leadership and professional competencies necessary for success. The PC Executive Mentor Program has the potential to impact how our students evaluate career opportunities and may help to link students with professional opportunities upon graduation.



The level of involvement during the two-year relationship will vary based on a mutual agreement between the mentor and student. The Center for Career Education & Professional Development plans events and offers suggestions on ways to connect and provide guidance. Being a mentor doesn’t always have to be direct contact, many mentors have connected their student with colleagues – it allows a mentor to be able to help when they have busy schedules, and it gives students another avenue of support!

On-Going Assistance

  • Provide advice and guidance to your student

  • Allow your student the chance to shadow you

  • Invite your student to attend a business meeting

Additional Assistance

  • Deliver a presentation to their student's class or club

  • Partner with other Mentors to take their students to an event and dinner

  • Ask a colleague to meet with your student when you are traveling for business

  • Connect your student to other professionals for networking opportunities

  • Run a 5k race together (sometimes a "meeting" can just be fun!)



  • NOVEMBER: PC Basketball Game  (meet other pairs and watch a game from the PC Suite!)

  • DECEMBER: Attend Fr. Shanley's President's Council Christmas Program

  • FEBRUARY: PC Hockey Game (pre-game reception, then watch a game)

  • APRIL: Annual Dinner & Networking Reception

  • APRIL: Give back to the community by participating in FUSION



If you would like to join our program, we ask that you complete the Mentor Profile Form. It is important that you answer the questions about yourself, your career, and indicate any preferences you may have in a future mentee – the information you provide will help us promote and match you appropriately.

To participate in the mentor program this fall, please submit your profile form to Stacey Moulton by July 29th. We will be advertising mentor opportunities to students in September and will notify you of your match by the beginning of October. We expect students to contact their mentors by mid-October.

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