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Monday-Thursday: 8:30am-4:30pm
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Career Services for Alumni

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Many alumni give back to PC by sharing their career stories and offering advice to students via involvements with Career Services, in turn,  The Center for Career Education & Professional Development would like to help alumni by  providing resources to assist with career planning and the job search.

eFriars - appl​y to jobs

eFriars is our employment database for PC Alumni and current students. If you're looking for a job or looking to post a job, please click here.​

Self Assessment - a career planning starting point

Career Key
Assesses interests and provides lists of careers that correlate with your results.

Keirsey Temperament Sorter
A brief assessment of personality type and preferences, based heavily on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Introductory online assessment is free; also offered is a fee-based follow-up report.​

Network ​​with Fellow Friars - connections for life/career planning

​Networking opportunities are also available throughout the year by attending a PC alumni event​.  Reconnect with PC while networking with graduates at a career specific event or camaraderie event in your area. For a full listing of upcoming events, visit our online calendar.

Join one of the many PC affiliated groups on LinkedIn see what type of careers your fellow friars have pursued, and to connect with them for informational interviews. Use the education page on LinkedIn to see geographic locations, organizations and industries of PC graduates!

Network with Ot​hers

Networking is a great way to find out more information about companies and career paths. While Networking is not about asking for jobs, it does introduce you to people and can provide you with tips on breaking into a field or company.

Join a networking group. These groups tend to meet on a regular basis and are formed based on similar interests. Here is a valuable article about networking clubs.​

LinkedIn has a variety of networking and job search resources.  Create a profile, join groups, follow companies, search jobs and more! Building your brand via your LinkedIn profile is a crucial part of your job search.


Search​ Job Sites

Employment database for PC Alumni and current students. The site also contains a list of career resources with required passwords for PC alums and students only.

MonsterTrak contains entry job listings, typically 0-3 years of experience. In addition to reviewing MonsterTrakPC, click on schools in your geographic areas of interest to determine if their listings do not require a password.

Other Sites
Be sure to search sites like,​, and local sites as well as industry specific sites for job postings. Visit our website for a list of industry specific sites.

Staffing Firms
Consider using a staffing firm. Search Firms have relationships with a range of employers. When you choose a search firm, you have a variety of tools and resources available to you to help streamline your job search. You will need to search for a firm that has employers in the geographic area you are looking in and that specializes in the field you are interested in.

Search Engines
It may seem simple, but try searching for the career you are interested in using Google or Bing. You can often find articles and resources that will provide you with information to help your search.


Other Career Assista​nce for You

One Stop Career Centers
Every state provides One Stop Career Centers in various locations. These services are specifically designed for college graduates, recently graduated or with years of experience. At these centers, job seekers can get assistance with resumes, get assistance in developing career and job focus, learn effective networking methods, and gain access to resources identifying employers. You can use the service locator to locate a One Stop Career Center near you.

Job Search Support Groups
Many job seekers find it helpful for practical and emotional reasons to join a job search support group. These groups are often sponsored by local churches or other service organizations. In many cases your local public library will post notices about these support groups, or the One Stop Career Center will be able to provide information.

This site produces career reentry programming, events and content for employers, universities, organizations and individuals.

Top financial firms are using OneWire to look for the perfect candidates for positions at all levels. Use OneWire to be matched to the financial services job that is precisely right for you.