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Nancy Terry
Administrative Coordinator
Providence College MBA Program
Koffler 115


In today's fast-paced and continuously changing business world, there is no substitute for hands-on experience. Yet typically, business students are rarely exposed to the world of real work where problems are complex, multidimensional, and often ethically challenging.  But Providence College is not your typical business school. 

The PC MBA Internship program is required for all students who have not yet obtained significant work experience.  The program is designed to help our graduate business students bridge the gap between academic success and real-world experience. As an intern, students will develop knowledge, skills, and experience directly related to career objectives, better preparing themselves for the real world of work.

It is our firm belief that the MBA internship will be a unique experience that will transform students' academic work into real-world experience. It is an exciting opportunity to network with business professionals, explore new possibilities, and witness first-hand the dynamic nature of the business world.

About MBA 594: Real-Time / Real-World Experience - Business Internships

MBA students enroll in MBA 594: Real-Time/Real-World Experience - Business Internships, a 3-credit course that is part of the core requirements of the MBA curriculum. Working with the Internship Faculty Advisor, the student secures an internship placement at either a for-profit or a not-for-profit organization.

Paid internships are preferable, but unpaid internships may count for academic credit as well. The internship requires a total of 400 hours of on-the-job experience (ideally completed during the summer but it is also possible to complete the internship experience over 2 to 3 semesters). Students meet regularly with their MBA 594 classmates and the Internship Faculty Advisor to discuss and evaluate their experiences in their internship.

With the facilitation of the Internship Faculty Advisor, students will support and challenge each other through these experiences as they ask hard questions and seek new and creative solutions.  The internship uses engagement in the work world as a basis for learning, but just as critically calls upon students to reflect privately (through journaling) and collectively (through dialoguing with others) on their experiences.

Catholic and Dominican

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