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Mark DeFanti

Associate Professor

Contact Information:
Koffler Hall 210


Ph.D. - Marketing Texas A&M University

Area(s) of Expertise:

Branding, Brand Portfolio Management, Corporate name changes, corporate image and reputation, luxury marketing, fragrance marketing

Awards and Honors:

PCSB Teaching Excellence Award - Providence College School of Business

Selected Publications:

Horne, Daniel., Nickerson, Dionne., DeFanti, Mark. Improving Supply Chain Efficiency through Electronic Payments. ,

DeFanti, Mark., Bird, Deirdre., Caldwell, Helen. (2012). Consumer Perception of Luxury Fragrance Brand Advertising: Measuring the Relative Impact of Brand and Sub-Brand. Competition Forum, Eds. Abbas J. Ali, Prashanth Bharadwaj. 10 (2), 130-135.

Bird, Deirdre., DeFanti, Mark., Vaghi, John., Caldwell, Helen. (2010). Men's Luxury Watch Market: Sex Appeal and Status in Advertising. Competition Forum, Eds. Abbas Ali, Robert Camp, Prashanth Bharadwaj. 8 (1), 148-152.

Bird, Deirdre., Caldwell, Helen., DeFanti, Mark. (2010). The Quest for Beauty: Asia's Fascination with Pale Skin. Business Research Yearbook, Eds. Oglesby, Rodney A., H. Paul LeBlanc, Marjorie G. Adams. Vol 17 (1), 26-32.

DeFanti, Mark., Caldwell, Helen., Bird, Deirdre. (2009). Assessing the Influence of Models, Bottles and Brands on Consumers’ Preference of Fragrances. Business Research Yearbook, Eds. Rodney A. Oglesby and Marjorie G. Adams. 16 (1), 73-80.

Recent Presentations:

DeFanti, Mark., Bird, Deirdre., Caldwell, Helen., Conference on Historical Research in Marketing, Journal of Historical Research in Marketing, Copenhagen, Denmark, "Forever Now: Gucci's Use of a Partially Borrowed Heritage to Establish a Global Luxury Brand".

Caldwell, Helen., Bird, Deirdre., DeFanti, Mark., International Academy of Business Disciplines 24th Annual Conference, Long Beach, California, "Gucci: "Forever Now"". April, 2012.

DeFanti, Mark., Bird, Deirdre., Caldwell, Helen., American Society for Competitiveness 22nd Annual Conference, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Orlando, Florida, "Consumer Perception of Luxury Fragrance Brand Advertising: Measuring the Relative Impact of Brand and Sub-Brand". October, 2011.

Bird, Deirdre., Caldwell, Helen., DeFanti, Mark., Conference on Historical Analysis & Research in Marketing (CHARM), Association for Historical Research in Marketing (AHRIM) , New York, NY, "A Fragrance to Empower Women: The History of Charlie". May, 2011.

Bird, Deirdre., DeFanti, Mark., Hansen, Emma., 23rd Annual Conference for the International Academy of Business Disciplines, New Orleans, "The Global Market for Luxury Handbags: Celebrity Placement in Print Advertising". April, 2011.

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