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Meet Our Faculty

Deirdre Bird, Assistant Professor of Marketing Education: Ph.D., Purdue University

Areas of Interest: Competitive Strategies, Socially Responsible Marketing, Development Economics and Privatization, Tourism and Its Environmental Impact, Target Marketing, Business Education, Retailing and the Fashion Industry.

Courses Taught: Marketing Strategy, International Marketing, Marketing Research, Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations, Marketing Internships

Phone: 401-865-2473 Email:




H. Kirk Bozigian, Adjunct Professor of Marketing
Education: M.S. Syracuse University
Areas of Interest: Brainstorming and the role creativity plays in business, Product Management and the development of new brands, Leadership and the role military thinking plays in American management
Courses Taught: Principles of Marketing, Marketing Management in Competitive Environments, Entrepreneurial Marketing, Planning and Developing New Products & Markets, Marketing By Design (Special Topics in Management)
CV: kirk-bozigian.pdf      
Phone: 401-865-1532      Email:
Dr. Helen M. Caldwell, Assistant Professor of Marketing ​
Education: Ph.D., University of Connecticut
Areas of Interest: Marketing Fashion, Cosmetics, Fragrances and Luxury
Courses Taught: Fashion Marketing, Promotion Strategy, Luxury Marketing
Phone: 401-865-2668      Email: 
Dr. Piotr Chelminski, Associate Professor of Marketing
Education: Ph.D., University of Connecticut
Areas of Interest: Cross-Cultural Consumer Behavior, Linguistics in Advertising, Consumer Complaining Behavior, Consumer Information Sharing, Consumer Payment Methods
Courses Taught: International Marketing, Marketing Research, Principles of Marketing
CV: piotr-chelminski.pdf
Phone: 401-865-2873      Email:

Dr. Mark DeFanti, Assistant Professor of Marketing
Education: Ph.D., Texas A&M University
Areas of Interest: Brand Portfolio Management, Corporate Image and Reputation, Branding of Luxury Goods
Courses Taught: Competitive Environments, Advertising, Principles of Marketing, Advanced Advertising, Marketing Research, Brand Marketing

CV: mark-defanti.pdf
Phone: 401-865-2481      Email:



Dr. A. C. Ekin,  Professor Emeritus of Marketing
Education: Ph.D., Academy of Economic and Commercial Sciences





Beth Hamilton, Adjunct Professor of Marketing
Education: M.B.A University of Rhode Island
Areas of Interest: Strategy, Product Marketing, Corporate Culture for  young Leaders
Classes Taught: Principles of Marketing, Operatations Management, Organizational Behavior
Phone: 401-865-1942      Email:


Dr. Daniel R. Horne, Associate Professor of Marketing
Education: Ph.D., University of Michigan
Areas of Interest: Consumer Payments (including credit, debit, and gift cards; mobile payments; other prepaid products); Motivation and Incentives; Gift Selection; Consumer Privacy
Courses Taught: Buyer Behavior, SportsMarketing

CV: daniel-horne.pdf
Phone: 401-865-2722            Email:

Dr. Jason A. Gabisch, Assistant Professor of Marketing
Education: Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Areas of Interest: Internet Marketing, Privacy and Information Sharing, Multi-Channel Marketing, Product Trial
Courses Taught: Buyer Behavior, Marketing Research, Internet Marketing
Phone: 401-865-2309
Dr. Linda F. Jamieson, Associate Professor of Marketing
Education: Ph.D., The University of Texas at Dallas
Areas of Interest: Relationships between Consumer Attitudes, Buying Intentions and Behavior; Research Methodology
Courses Taught: Capstone-Marketing Strategy, Consumer Behavior, Principles of Marketing
Phone: 401-865-1272      Email:

Dr. Ron Jelinek, Associate Professor of Marketing
Education: Ph.D., University of Connecticut 
Areas of Interest: Relationship Selling, Customer Relationship Management, Deviant Workplace Behavior
Courses Taught: Personal Selling, Sales Management, Promotional Strategy
Phone: 401-865-2302 Email:
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Janet M. Letourneau, Adjunct Instructor of Marketing
Education:  MBA – Marketing – Bryant University

Areas of Interest:  Using marketing principles for career opportunities and work search strategies,   Relevance of best customer service practices for organizational success; services marketing and selling an invisible; Networking – The art of building relationships. 
Courses taught:  Principles of Marketing; Business Marketing Management; Services Marketing Management; Consumer Behavior; Promotional Strategies; Enterprise

Phone:  401-865-1571             email:



Dr. Scott A. Wright, Assistant Professor of Marketing
Education: Ph.D., University of Cincinnati
Areas of Interest: Consumer judgment and decision processes, with specific emphasis in the areas of inference, naïve theories, and ethics. Related areas include construal level theory and sustainability.
Courses Taught: Marketing Research, Buyer Behavior, Marketing Capstone
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Phone: 401-865-2660      Email:




Dr. John Shaw, Professor Emeritus of Marketing

Education: D.B.A., University of Oklahoma
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