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Tony Affigne, Ph.D.


Photo of faculty memberProfessor

Contact Information:
Howley Hall 316


Ph.D. - Brown University

Brief Biography:

Professor Affigne is known for teaching innovative, thought provoking classes such as Race and Politics in the Americas, Political Thought in Science Fiction, and The Politics of Climate Change. Beyond the classroom he is a well-known political science author and editor, and in 2011 was recognized with the Frank J. Goodnow Award, the American political science profession's highest honor for service to the discipline. Here in Rhode Island, he has served in numerous public policy roles, including the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC), Providence Ethics Commission, and Rhode Island Latino Political Action Committee (RILPAC).

Area(s) of Expertise:

Professor Affigne is a past chair of the Providence College Political Science Department, and was founding director of the college's Program in Black Studies. A specialist in U.S. electoral politics, Black and Latino studies, and environmental politics, he has been a guest on NBC, ABC, and PBS television news, Rhode Island Public Radio, and Latino Public Radio. He is available for appearances or interviews about: National politics and presidential elections; Rhode Island state and city politics; Environmental policy and advocacy; and Ethnic relations and racial politics.

Awards and Honors:

Frank J. Goodnow Award for Distinguished Service to the Political Science Profession - American Political Science Association Career Award (2011)
Praxis Award for Synthesis of Theory and Practice - Organized Section on Ecological and Transformational Politics (APSA 2004)
Founder's Award for Leadership in the Study of Race, Ethnicity, and Politics - Organized Section on Race, Ethnicity, and Politics (APSA 1997)

Selected Publications:

Affigne, Tony. (2017). "The power of book reviews". Journal of Race, Ethnicity and Politics2 (2), 347–349. Cambridge University Press.

Gonzalez, Lizeth., Affigne, Tony. (2016). In Sharon A. Navarro, Samantha L. Hernandez, and Leslie A. Navarro. (Ed.) "'A Force to Be Reckoned With': Rethinking Latina Leadership and Power". Latinas in American Politics: Changing and Embracing Political Tradition, Rowman & Littlefield.

Avalos, Manny., Affigne, Tony. (2014). "Latino Politics and Power in the Twenty-First Century". Latino Politics En Ciencia Politica,, 231. NYU Press.

Affigne, Tony. (2014). "Minority majority America and the ghost of Woodrow Wilson". Politics, Groups, and Identities2 (3), 481-490. Routledge.

Affigne, Tony. (2014). "The Latino Voice in Political Analysis, 1970–2014". Latino politics en ciencia política,, 9–47. New York: NYU Press.

Affigne, Tony., Hu-DeHart, Evelyn., Orr, Marion. (2014). Latino Politics en Ciencia Política: The Search for Latino Identity and Racial Consciousness. New York: NYU Press.

Affigne, Tony., Lien, Pei-te. (2002). "Peoples of Asian descent in the Americas: Theoretical implications of race and politics". Amerasia Journal28 (2), 1–27. UCLA Asian American Studies Center Press.

Affigne, Tony., , Associate editor. (2002). International Encyclopedia of Environmental Politics. London: Routledge.

Recent Presentations:

Affigne, Tony., “From the Rio Grande to the Susquehanna: Latino Emergence and the Enrichment of American Politics” , Lecture at Bucknell University Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender, Lewisburg, PA, November, 2016.

Affigne, Tony., "Building a Wall, or Digging a Hole?—Donald Trump and the Latino Electorate", Latino Studies Program at Tufts University, Medford MA, November, 2016.

Affigne, Tony., "Racial Exclusion and Empowerment in Political Science", Pi Sigma Alpha Annual Lecture, at the University of California, Santa Barbara, April, 2016.

Affigne, Tony., "Latino Politics, White Supremacy, and the New South", Conference on Reimagining the 'New South', Transforming Political Discourses, at Johnson C. Smith University, Charlotte, NC, April, 2015.

Affigne, Tony., "45 Years: A Retrospective on NCOBPS and the Work of William E. 'Nick' Nelson, Jr.", National Conference of Black Political Scientists Annual Meeting, Wilmington, Delaware, March, 2014.

Affigne, Tony., "The Latino Emergence in New England: Cultural Crisis, Political Opportunity, or Both?", Latin American and Latino Studies Program, Roger Williams University, Bristol RI, April, 2012.

Affigne, Tony., "Centering the Study of Race and Politics" , Frank J. Goodnow Award, American Political Science Association, Seattle WA, August, 2011.

Affigne, Tony., "Notes from the Field: Latino Political Power in the Rhode Island Elections of 2010", Western Political Science Association Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX, April, 2011.

Affigne, Tony., "¿Quiénes somos? Una breve retrato contemporáneo de la comunidad latina en los Estados Unidos y en el Estado de Rhode Island", Latina Leadership Institute, Providence RI, March, 2010.

Affigne, Tony., "Latino Politics and Power: Race, Diversity, and Transformation in U.S. politics", Department of African American Studies, Syracuse University, Syracuse NY, February, 2010.

Affigne, Tony., "The mis-framing of Latino politics: Re-assessing presumptive racial animus and patriarchal consciousness", American Political Science Association, Boston MA, August, 2008.

Affigne, Tony., Brintnall, Michael., Pinderhughes, Dianne., "Political Science in the United States: Notes on the Discipline", International Political Science Association, Conference on International Political Science: New Theoretical and Regional Perspectives, Montreal, Canada, April, 2008.

Affigne, Tony., "Negrura en Política: The Politics of Blackness in Latino Communities", American Political Science Association, Chicago IL, September, 2007.

Affigne, Tony., "Latino Politics and Political Change in the U.S. Elections", Institute for Politics, Queens University, Belfast, Northern Ireland, December, 2006.

Affigne, Tony., "Afro Latinos in American Racial Theory: Notes on Black Resistance and State Response", National Conference of Black Political Scientists, Chicago IL, March, 2004.

Affigne, Tony., "In the house of the Great White Father: Race and patriarchy in the postcolonial world", American Political Science Association, Philadelphia PA, August, 2003.

Affigne, Tony., "Racial regimes and ecological power in the Americas", Bowdoin College Symposium on Race, Justice, and the Environment, Brunswick ME, February, 2002.

Affigne, Tony., "A New Century in Latino Politics: Finding Our Voice in the Year 2000", Metropolitan Research and Policy Institute, University of Texas, San Antonio TX, October, 2000.

Affigne, Tony., Avalos, Manuel., Jackson, Njeri., Jackson, Njeri., "Latino Politics in the United States: Building a Race-Conscious, Gendered and Historical Analysis", American Political Science Association, Atlanta, GA, September, 1999.

Affigne, Tony., "Racial Categories, Social Stratification, and Political Participation: The Asian Perspective on Race and Politics in the Amercas", Western Political Science Association, Los Angeles CA, March, 1998.

Affigne, Tony., "Racial Boundaries in the Democratic State: Citizenship, Participation, and Political Power", Western Political Science Association, Tucson AZ, March, 1997.

Affigne, Tony., "The Urban Regime's Shaky Foundations: Race, Turnout, and Legitimacy in Atlanta", National Conference of Black Political Scientists, Baltimore MD, March, 1995.

Affigne, Tony., Avalos, Manuel., Alfred, Taiaiake., "Race and Politics in the Americas: The Continuing Search for Theoretical Foundations", American Political Science Association, New York, NY, September, 1994.

Affigne, Tony., "Race, Class, and Voter Turnout", Center for American Political Studies, Harvard University, Cambridge MA, January, 1993.

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