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Steven Weicksel


Photo of faculty memberVisiting Faculty

Contact Information:
Ruane Center for the Humanities 213


Ph.D. - University of Massachusetts Medical School

Area(s) of Expertise:

Cell Biology, Developmental biology, Chromatin, Zebrafish, C. elegans, Molecular Biology

Selected Publications:

Weicksel, Steven., Mahadav, A., Moyle, M., Cipriani, P., Kudron, M., Pincus, Z., Bahmanyar, S., Abriola, L., Merkel, J., Gutwein, M. (2016). A novel small molecule that disrupts a key event during the oocyte-to-embryo transition in C. elegans.. Development (Cambridge, England)143 (19), 3540-3548.

Weicksel, Steven., Gupta, A., Zannino, D., Wolfe, S., Sagerström, C. (2014). Targeted germ line disruptions reveal general and species-specific roles for paralog group 1 hox genes in zebrafish.. BMC developmental biology14, 25.

Weicksel, Steven., Xu, J., Sagerström, C. (2013). Dynamic nucleosome organization at hox promoters during zebrafish embryogenesis.. PloS one8 (5), e63175.

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