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To look at the course description for the Biology electives go to catalog, and click on the specific course.


​Course Syllabi

BIO103- Austriaco
BIO126- Arevalo
BIO310- Arévalo
​​Bio103- Perdue BIO127- Crafts BIO320- Toth
BIO103Lab- Markert BIO200- Toth BIO350- Ewanchuk
BIO104- Arévalo BIO200- Cummings BIO403- Bailey
BIO104- Ewanchuk BIO215- Nowel BIO407- Pellock
BIO104Lab- Markert BIO209- Bailey BIO410- DeGiorgis
BIO121- Costello BIO220- Arévalo BIO416- Toth
BIO124- Bailey BIO240- Costello BIO475- Bailey
BIO125- Pellock BIO308- Austriaco

Department of Biology
Sowa Hall, Room236

Julie Coccia
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 401-865-2585
Fax: 401-865-1438

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