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Brett Pellock


Assistant Professor


Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2001

M.S. University of Georgia, 1995

B.S. University of Georgia, 1994

Contact Information:


Phone: 401-865-2239 (office) x 1620 (lab)

Office: Sowa 228B

Courses Taught:

BIO103 General Biology I

BIO200 Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics

BIO125 Microbes and Man

BIO407 Microbiology


Bacterial small regulatory non-coding RNAs (sRNAs) rapidly regulate target gene expression in response to changing environmental conditions. My lab studies the functions of sRNAs in the bacterium Shewanella oneidensis, a bacterium that can “breathe” metal during anaerobic growth. We use genetic, molecular, and physiological approaches to identify sRNA genes and understand how sRNAs function to adapt cell physiology to shifting environmental conditions. Of particular interest is the role played by the RNA chaperone Hfq, which promotes sRNA function, in both cell growth and cell survival under stress conditions.

Recent Publications: 

Brennan C.M., Keane M.L., Hunt T.M., Goulet M.T., Mazzucca N.Q., Sexton Z, Mezoian T, Douglas K.E., Osborn J.M., and Pellock B.J. 2013. Shewanella oneidensis Hfq promotes exponential phase growth, stationary phase culture density, and cell survival. BMC Microbiology 13:33

Mecca, S., Pellock, B.J., and Bretz, R. 2013. Pathogen removal options: emphasizing SOLDIS for the filtrate of a GSAP Microflush toilet. Water and Society II, WIT Transactions on Ecology and The Environment, 178:201-13.

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