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Department of Art & Art History

 Department of Art & Art History


News & Events​

Jim Janecek and Heather McPherson will exhibit their work in a PC-G show traveling to Chicago. Illinois. [Old/New] Psychedelic Providence 12.4–1.15.17 Tiger Strikes Asteroid in Chicago, Illinois Public Reception: Sunday 12.4.16 12 PM–3 PM 

James Janecek, "Untitled," 2016, unique intaglio print, 22 x 30 inches. Courtesy the artist.

Heather McPherson, "The Movies," 2014-2015, synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 66 x 72 inches. Courtesy the artist.

The Benjamin Family Social Me​dia Fellows

Evan Daigle’17, a studio art major and art history minor, was selected as the Brand Journalist, for the PC Business School’s new Benjamin Family Social Media Fellowship​ for the 2016-2017 academic year. The Benjamin Family Social Media Fellowship targets students from all majors who are interested in careers involving new media and marketing.


On December 12, 2016, 2:00 - 4:00pm our Art History seniors will present their thesis papers in Reilly Gallery, Smith Center for the Arts. Please join us for this event. Refreshments will be served after the presentations. The following papers will be presented:
Kimberly Carroll’17 Art History major: Liberty Leading the Women: Delacroix’s Liberty as Transitional Image
Giovanna Franciosa’17 Art History major: The Sacrifice of Isaac: Caravaggio’s Merge of the Spiritual and the Physical
Alexandra Radley’17 Art History major: Understanding Minoan Palaces and their Function
Caroline Woods’17 Art History major: The Female Avant-Garde:Challenging Ideas of Gender in Morisot’s Wet Nurse and Valadon’s The Blue Room

The Work of ASCSA-Affiliated Project leads to first Pre-Neolithic Artifacts on display in Crete. Professor Thomas Strasser and Eleni Panagopoulou co-directed the Plakias Mesolithic Survey.​ Professor  Strasser conducted research this summer at the Asphendou Cave Petroglyph Project in Crete. This research is funded by the Rust Family Foundation, Providence College.
Ancient tools discovered by Strasser team displayed. Stone tools dating back at least 130,000 years that were found on the Greek island of Crete during archaeological research led by a Providence College faculty member are being displayed for the first time in a museum in Crete. The discoveries are significant as they push the history of seafaring in the Mediterranean back by more than 100,000 years and have implications on the colonization of Europe and beyond by early African hominins, our pre- Homo sapiens ancestors.
In 2008 and 2009, Dr.Thomas F.Strasser,professor of art history,led a team of archaeologists and geologists, and several PC undergraduate students,on the Plakias Survey in Crete.It was the first project to identify Mesolithic and Palaeolithic artifacts in datable geologic contexts.The team explored caves in the area around the town of Plakias and discovered stone tools that included traditional microliths,spines,denticulates,end scrapers,and percoirs,as well as bifaces(hand axes),cores,and cleavers. 
Some of the artifacts are now exhibited in a museum in the 16th century church of St.Francis in the western Crete city of Reythmynon.