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Nate Holterman, 2013, Chicago, IL
Humanities major, Spanish/Sociology minors

holterman.jpgWhy did you choose Providence College?

I chose Providence College ultimately from my tour experience when I visited as a high school senior. When I was on the tour I felt a connection with the student body, especially with the friendly, outgoing tour guides. I really thought that this was a place where my talents could be fostered and grown. I was absolutely right.

What has been your favorite academic experience so far?

No doubt that it is studying abroad on Semester at Sea. Through this program I was on a ship with 400 other college students as we sailed entirely around the world stopping off in 14 countries, in every corner of our globe. It opened my eyes to the outstanding diversity of our world while instilling in me a theme of commonality, uniting us all.

What makes PC a good option for students from Chicago?

PC would be a great fit for Chicago students because it allows you to be a unique individual surrounded by mostly New Englanders and it’s a great place to show off your Midwestern manners and laid back attitude. The Providence Airport is also the easiest place I've ever flown into and out of.

If you had to sum up Providence College in one sentence, what would it be?

A gathering place of some of the most incredible, compassionate, and fun people in the world.

When your time in Providence is over, what’s next?

Last year my friends and I started our own social venture company called Serengetee. We got the inspiration from our travels while we studied abroad on a program called Semester at Sea. We sell products utilizing fabrics sourced from marketplaces and merchants from all over the world. We have fabric from places like Ghana, Guatemala, Vietnam, and much more. For every product we sell however, we donate back 13% back to a cause that works in the region where the fabric comes from. Therefore, not only do we support the local economies of those places but we also offer our monetary donations to help those in the area who cannot help themselves.

We started last February and it has absolutely taken off. A big catalyst to our success was the PC community. They really embraced the brand and have been very supportive of our efforts. In fact, PC has been so supportive of it that out of all the cities that have purchased products from us, Providence is ranked third in the entire United States.

Currently Serengetee continues to grow by leaps and bounds. In less than 10 months we sold $140,000 worth of shirts, gave back $3,000 to charity, garnered 13,000+ Facebook Likes, and partnered with celebrities like MTV's the Buried Life. Immediately after graduating I plan on moving out to California to live with my friends and continue to grow the brand. All of us are incredibly excited at the prospect it has of making our world a better place.

Is there anything else that you think accepted students should know about PC, that maybe you didn't know when you decided to become a Friar?

Laundry is free. Don't bring coins. Be super nice to the Ray cafeteria workers, because they are the best. Put yourself out there and get involved. Work hard, but don't forget that play is just as important.

What has been your favorite non-academic experience so far?

Attending 10:30 pm Sunday mass. There is no better way to wrap up a week than sitting in a packed chapel with your best friends and just letting all of the stress of the week slip away. For that one hour, everything seems right.

How has the liberal arts education you have received at Providence benefited you?

The liberal arts education I have received at PC has made me flexible. It allows me to enter into a wide array of subjects and feel comfortable talking and studying about it. As a Humanities major, I love the interdisciplinary skills and knowledge that a liberal arts education provides. It is a fantastic background to nearly ever realm of study.

Why do you think that PC is a good fit for students?

PC is a GREAT fit for students because it is a perfect balance of the academic and the social life. The academics are challenging and require you to work hard. But they're not cutthroat. It seems as if the PC faculty and administration want us to have a life outside of the classroom. This approach has allowed me to get involved in a host of activities, spend time with my peers, and really see what PC has to offer in a non-academic setting. My time outside of the classroom is ultimately where I have grown the most and what I have enjoyed so much at Providence College.

What activities are you involved in at PC?

Friars Club (Exec Board), Providence College Radio WDOM 91.3, Dirigo, Intramurals

Tell us about any “student engagement” experiences you have had: internships, research opportunities, study abroad, etc.

During my sophomore year the career services center was able to place me in an internship with Providence's second largest news company: Here I was able to become one of the news company's reporters going out and interviewing people for stories. I was able to write my own articles with my own name on them. For one of my stories, I went out with a shark filmmaker, reported on his work and swam with sharks! Its so cool to say that I have published my own articles and have been considered an actual news reporter when I was only 19 years old.

What is your favorite spot in the city of Providence?

Right near Thayer Street is a small park that overlooks the entire city of Providence. It offers an amazing view and is so nice to relax in on a nice day.


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