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Christopher Huacon, 2015, Kearney, NJ
Finance major

Why did you choose Providence College?

I knew I wanted to attend Providence College the day I visited the school for the first time. The students were very friendly and the campus has great athletics, fun atmosphere, big school spirit, prestigious education, and a significant alumni-student relationship.

Any long-term plans? Do you feel prepared for the future?

I plan to spend an extra year at PC to earn my Master’s degree in Finance through the 4+1 MBA program. PC provides a way to make their students well rounded through their curriculum and mission. I felt confident as to where I may be in the future after college before I even applied to PC, and I feel even more confident as I attend PC now.

Why do you think that PC is a good fit for multicultural students?

PC is a great fit for multicultural students because as a university we can develop a stronger understanding of the perspectives of students from different backgrounds and lifestyles. Multicultural students enhance the school experience for everyone.

What has been your favorite academic experience so far?

The new core curriculum Colloquium course, which is a team-taught course, focuses on a specific, contemporary issue. This aspect of the liberal arts education has made me more cultured, well-rounded and knowledgeable on matters I was unaware of.

What activities are you involved in on campus?

I am involved with Friars Club, Urban Action, Men’s Soccer, Relay for Life and Special Olympics.

If you had to sum up Providence College in one sentence, what would it be?

PC is the whole package; everything a student can look for in a university.

What is your favorite spot in the city of Providence?

My favorite spot in the city of Providence is Federal Hill.

What would you like accepted students to know about PC that maybe you didn’t know when you decided to become a Friar?

There are many things to do within the campus alone every day of the week. PC makes it possible to develop and organization/club, for example my roommate is working on starting a club wrestling team. Also, PC Alumni play a tremendous role in the school in order to give back to the students in any way they can.


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