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​Early Decision Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to apply Early Decision?
The Early Decision (ED) deadline is in place for students who have identified Providence College as their first-choice college and wish to demonstrate their commitment to attend PC early in the application process.  The deadline to apply ED is December 1, and students will be notified of their decision by mid-January. Early Decision is a binding agreement for students who are invited to attend Providence College.  You, your school counselor, and a parent or guardian will be required to complete and sign the Common Application Early Decision Agreement at the time of application, and you will be bound by the conditions listed on the form which can be found at  If invited to Providence College under the ED Program, you will be expected to withdraw your applications from all other schools and attend Providence College.
What is the difference between Early Decision and Early Action?
Early Decision is a binding agreement which requires you to withdraw all other applications and attend Providence College if invited, provided you are offered sufficient financial assistance.  Early Action, on the other hand, is not a binding program.  If invited Early Action, you are not obligated to withdraw all other applications, and can still choose which school you wish to attend.  While the Early Action deadline and notification dates are earlier than Regular Decision, you have until the national reply deadline of May 1 to decide whether or not you wish to attend PC.
If I am applying to PC Early Decision, can I apply to another school Early Action?
Students may apply to only one Early Decision program. This does not preclude you from applying under other schools’ non-binding admission deadlines. If you are admitted to Providence College, you will then be expected to withdraw all other applications and attend PC.
What are the possible outcomes of my application?
Early Decision applicants can receive one of two decisions; they may be admitted to PC or they may be denied admission. A denial is a final decision from the College and students denied admission are not eligible to reapply for Regular Decision consideration.
When will I receive my admission decision and financial aid notification?
Providence College will release Early Decision letters in mid-January. You can expect to receive your decision via U.S. mail. Any need-based aid or merit-based scholarships will be included in your acceptance packet.
If I wish to apply for financial aid, what is the deadline?
Providence College requires both the CSS Profile and FAFSA forms in order to determine eligibility for need-based aid. Early Decision applicants must complete the CSS Profile by December 1. The FAFSA deadline for ED and all other applicants is February 1.
Does Providence College meet full financial need for ED candidates?
While we work to provide the best possible financial aid package for each student in the form of grants, loans, and the Federal Work Study Program, Providence College is not currently able to guarantee that full need will be met for any admission candidates.
Are ED candidates eligible for merit scholarships?
Yes, students who apply at the Early Decision deadline will be considered for merit scholarships. For more information on the requirements, please visit our website.
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