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​Be prepared for the college fair:


Alumni Ambassador Information Packet (PDF)

This packet will also be sent to you with your fair materials and confirmation information.

College Fair FAQ 

College Fair – Frequently Asked Questions


​What is the time commitment for an Alumni Admission Ambassador?

We would hope that Alumni Admission Ambassador would be able to assist the Office of Admission by attending one or two college fairs throughout the year. College fairs can last anywhere from one hour and a half to four hours; most College Fairs last approximately two hours.

What exactly is a college fair?

College fairs are generally organized by high school guidance or college counseling offices to help college bound students gather more information on colleges and universities that may be of interest to them. Guidance and/or college counseling offices will invite a significant number and variety of colleges and universities to be present at these fairs. At the fair, colleges and universities will be arranged at tables where you will be able to display a Providence College banner and publications (that we will provide for you). Students may be just starting to explore their post-high school options or they may have already applied to some institutions and be gathering some last minute information.

Where will the College Fairs be located?

We ask Alumni Admission Ambassadors to represent Providence College at fairs that are located in the general area of where they live and/or work. Many college fairs take place in a local high school gymnasium or auditorium. We will provide you with detailed information on when and where the college fair is that you will be attending.

Who can I expect to speak to at a college fair?

College fairs scheduled in the evening hours usually attract high school juniors and seniors, many of whom will be accompanied by a parent/guardian. You may also be approached by high school guidance or college counselors who are looking for more information about Providence College to better advise their students.

What do I do when a student asks a question about the admission process or something that I do not know?

As a representative at a college fair, you will be fielding questions from prospective students, parents, and guidance counselors about a variety of issues related to admission to PC, particular academic programs, tuition, etc. If you do not know the answer, we ask that you never guess! Simply refer the student, parent, or counselor to the Office of Admission or our website. We will provide you with contact information for the Office of Admission, Financial Aid, academic and athletic departments.

I don't know the admission process at PC and I've never read an application. How can I assist the Office of Admission at a college fair?

By sharing your passion for PC and talking about your own experiences as a student, you are spreading the word about Providence College to those that are interested in learning more about us. You are a face and a voice that adds clarity and detail to all of our admission publications and our website. By being positive and enthusiastic about Providence College and your experience, you are an invaluable asset to the workings of our office. Throughout the admission process, we seek students who are excited to be a part of our community and your presence helps us to do so.

How can I best prepare for attending a college fair?

We encourage you to read over the information on this website, particularly on the College Fair Guidelines page so that you can anticipate what to expect at a college fair. Other ways in which to prepare for a college fair:

  • Explore the Providence College website. Particular points of interest include the What's New section which will detail any newsworthy information on PC, the Admission section which provides admission deadlines and procedures, the Financial Aid section, the Academic section which gives information on each and every academic discipline at the college, and the Athletic section.
  • Look over the information about Providence College that we will send to you and that you will be distributing at the college fair. This information is usually the most up-to-date information on Providence College and the admission process that we have.

Do you have other questions? Please be sure you email them to Diana Gingles '08 at

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